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Are you ready to have your technology work for you instead of against you? CIO Advise offers IT consulting services to help align your IT with company objectives.
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IT Consulting Services by CIO Advise

Do You Feel Like Your Business is Ready to Take Off but Your Technology is Holding You Back?
No matter how powerful the engine is, a train can’t make progress on rails that aren’t parallel.

That’s the problem with a lot of businesses.

They want to make progress, but their technology isn’t running on a rail that is parallel to their business goals.

The CIO Advise team works with corporate executives and the internal IT organization to ensure that business objectives and technology are aligned and the desired strategic value is generated by the technology investment.

What are the alignIT IT Consulting Services Steps?

  • Identify Your Business / Technology Goals
  • Explore & Choose Effective Solutions
  • Develop A Roadmap For Success

1. Identify Your Business / Technology Goals

Our C-suite IT Consultants begin the technology alignment process by taking the time to understand where you want to take your company in meeting near and mid-term goals. Every company is different and has unique demands of their technology systems. By understanding your plans for expansion and scale, our consultants are able to determine the best path forward.

In addition to aligning your strategy, hardware, software, and cloud assets, our alignIT steps are designed to aid you in working through the hard process of determining what internal IT staff you need moving forward and what positions need to be replaced or filled.

2. Explore & Choose Effective IT Consulting Services Solutions

It’s not enough to gather in a boardroom with the rest of your executive and point out that “our IT needs to be up to the job of supporting our workflow and objectives.”

You have to begin formulating a solution.

That’s what this step is all about.

We’ve already identified the gaps in your technology and the places where it isn’t giving you ROI or is even in the way of your growth.

In this step, we’ll fall back on our years of executive experience and combine that with our expertise in business technology to show you options that will address the issues identified in the last step.

3. Develop A Roadmap for Success

Once we have identified the places where your technology is not running in alignment with your pro-growth plans and the IT solutions that can be leveraged to fix this misalignment, we’ll build a plan to get you where you want to go.

Engage With The CIO Advise IT Consulting Services Team

alignIT roadmap development involves navigating the delicate balance between company growth, IT budgets, and internal IT manpower. Everything will be taken into consideration as we work closely with your executive to ensure a seamless realignment of IT priorities, human resources, hardware, and software.


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