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We Believe in Transparency. - Here is Our Strategy, Step by Step.
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Don’t You Wish You Knew Just What to Expect from a Prospective IT Consulting Firm?

We’re not going to make you guess what our strategy is or about how we work.

In fact, we WANT you to know exactly how we get the job done.

Strategically identify your business/technology goals, map solutions, and develop a roadmap for success.

Collaboratively manage the transformation process. Plan and Execute prioritized projects.

Secure the Enterprise using state of the art tools, processes and services.

Ensure technology and applications meet your business requirements.

Redefine the support model and position your infrastructure for success.

Our Collaborative Approach

We aren’t a typical technology consulting firm. Other technology consulting firms have a less integrated relationship with their clients. They show up, fix what is broken, head back to the office, and send out a bill.

If that’s what you are looking for in an IT consulting firm, that’s not us.

However, if you’re looking for a team with a deep background in tailoring strategic IT advice to corporate-level clients in a boardroom setting, you’re on the right website.

Instead of coming in, taking over, and leaving, we work seamlessly with existing IT organization. We fill in the gaps – making your internal IT team look like rock stars. We will always make the IT organization better than when we first arrived.

Sometimes that means filling in a temporarily vacant CIO position, other times it means managing projects that your staff doesn’t have the time or expertise to handle. Each engagement taken on by the CIO Advise team has unique aspects, and we have the combination of technology know-how and business savvy to pull out a win every time.

We love to drive business outcomes through the use of technology.

Have You Considered How Many Boardroom Decisions are Impacted by Technology?

Today’s corporate environment operates on a framework of data and devices. As a result, nearly every choice you make at a CEO or CXO level hinges on the cost or the capabilities of technology.

That’s where the CIO Advise team steps into the picture.

Our depth of experience and breadth of business IT integration knowledge make our IT consultants the perfect fit for one-on-one business technology advice or participating in a boardroom setting.


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