Microsoft Modern Workplace Consulting

Microsoft Modern Workplace consulting to accelerate workplace collaboration.

How we work is changing, and businesses must find new and better ways to communicate, collaborate, and automate to support employees in a world transitioning to hybrid work.

Modern work and security solutions that enable secure communication and collaboration, such as Microsoft 365 and Viva, have been evolving rapidly to meet the changing needs of organizations. But modernizing the workplace takes more than just selecting, and implementing, the right technology.

The strategy must extend beyond the configuring and deploying solutions to include a mindset of continuous adoption & change management and operational governance that defines support and focus on the security and compliance requirements of the organization.

In the end, a holistic strategy provides a strong foundation for creating a modern workplace focused on the employee experience and enabling team members to work together better.



We drive collaboration and information self-service between you, your employees, business partners and customers. Here’s how:


Power Platform Services

Our Power Platform Services help organizations modernize and mobilize the solutions, forms, and processes employees use every day. And, with the appropriate governance in place, we can help safely extend Power Platform capabilities beyond IT to enable your citizen developers and increase an organization’s ability to quickly respond to ever-changing business needs.

Teamwork Services

Our Teamwork Services are designed to help organizations deploy, govern, and adopt the vast capabilities of Teams, SharePoint, and Viva. We help clients do more than just deploy the technology. We guide them on how to use Microsoft 365 to improve communication, enhance collaboration, and provide an enhanced employee experience.

Deployment & Migration Services

For many organizations, moving to Microsoft 365’s cloud platform is a technical and organizational challenge. Our Deployment and Migration Services help organizations deploy Microsoft 365 and migrate legacy solutions and data, while our Adoption & Change Management Services help employees adapt to new ways of working.

Managed Services

Microsoft 365’s continuous growth, its rapid change, and the rise of employees working remotely have created support challenges for IT organizations worldwide. Our Managed Services provide a lifeline for organizations looking to enhance their ability to support Microsoft 365. Our services include solutions that highlight opportunities for improving adoption and collaboration, addressing new security threats, and preparing for Microsoft 365 changes.

Security & Compliance Services

Remote work, hybrid work and personal devices allow employees to work from anywhere, anytime. However, extending previously corporate networks to homes and coffee shops places significant stress on IT security and corporate compliance. We use a Zero Trust framework to secure e-mails, files, messages and meetings while adhering to compliance demands of HIPAA, ISO, GDPR and more.

Microsoft 365 Adoption and Change Management Services

Our Adoption & Change Management Services can help employees adapt to new ways of working and increase adoption of Microsoft 365, securing your investment in the platform. When deploying Microsoft 365, you must think beyond just turning it on. You need a strategy to help people in your organization adapt to the change, preparing and managing them through it. By ensuring adoption across the enterprise, you can reap the full value of your investment in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams Services

To ensure minimal business disruption to your organization as you determine your return to office strategy, it is critical to provide flexible work locations and tools so your team can safely continue serving client needs.

We have a Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Teamwork Deployment.