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We help our clients in industries including Property & Casualty Insurance, Annuity and Life Insurance, Brokers and other Financial Services achieve profitable growth, reduce expenses, and realize impeccable customer service support through innovative consulting solutions.


Process Excellence

Improve internal costs of operations and processes using proven Lean Six Sigma process improvement techniques and Robotic Process Automation.

People and Change

Manage the organizational change, communication, and training required to maximize value from your strategic initiatives.

Data and Analytics

Implement proven BI accelerators catered to the insurance industry and drive growth with our Insurance Analytics Platform.

IT Strategy

Facilitate delivery of business strategy through a practical and repeatable process tied to the insurance value chain.

Core Systems Modernization

Rationalize and modernize internal systems through proven application architecture assessment practices and functional knowledge of core insurance processes.


Improve service to the insured through cost-effective digital strategies and management solutions including Marketing Automation, Mobile Insurance Apps, and Agent & Self-Service Portals.

Cloud Services

Enable innovation in cloud computing and leverage efficiency through DevOps.

You help your insureds navigate the challenges life brings. But who is helping you?

New entrants and innovations across the insurance value chain are reshaping and redefining the industry. They bring with them new and complex perspectives, from digital experience and modern risk analytics to InsurTech and beyond.

To succeed, all insurers — senior and junior — must be on the cutting edge, with reliable management systems and a process that works. Change often presents challenges. But we can help your group take them on.

When partnering with us for insurance consulting services, insurers have improved operational efficiency, grown profits and turned disruption into transformation. So can you.

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