Artificial Intelligence Consulting

AI Consulting: Strategy, Governance, Security, and Implementation - Your Path to AI Readiness


Unlock Transformative Growth with AI at CIO Advise

Unlock Transformative Growth with AI at CIO Advise

At CIO Advise, we stand by the conviction that the cloud is the business enabler, data is the business driver, and AI is poised to be the ultimate business differentiator. Together, these elements pave the way for smarter, faster decision-making and transformative growth, enabling businesses to scale like never before.

Successful AI integration requires more than just technology; it necessitates governance, a strategic plan tailored to leverage AI for business advancement, and a team ready to embrace this change. Our Artificial Intelligence consulting services are designed to merge business acumen with technical prowess, ensuring AI benefits your business securely and ethically. Our team of AI consultants is equipped to assist you with:

  • Strategically aligning AI within your business framework.
  • Crafting governance and acceptable use policies for AI and/or ChatGPT.
  • Preparing your organization for AI adoption, integrating it across your people, processes, and technology (including Microsoft Copilot or Salesforce Einstein).
  • Establishing an AI Center of Excellence (COE) to guide and innovate.

The AI revolution is upon us. Whether your needs lie in strategic planning, governance, security, implementation, or adoption, CIO Advise's artificial intelligence consulting services are your gateway to success. With our specially designed workshops and accelerators, we're here to make your business AI-ready.

Embark on your AI journey with CIO Advise and unlock your business's full potential.


Tailored AI Consulting Services: From Current Maturity to Strategic Vision

Our AI consulting services are crafted to align with your organization's current stage in the AI maturity journey. We prioritize immediate, critical needs while ensuring the broader vision and strategy are not overlooked. Our approach is to assist you in planning, governing, and executing ethical and secure AI initiatives that are in harmony with your business goals and enhance customer experiences.


Ready Your Workforce for AI Enhancement

Our consulting services are designed to steer you towards integrating responsible AI into your strategic plans, securing a future-proof pathway.

Leveraging AI for Business Performance

We're harnessing cutting-edge AI paradigms and technologies to tackle your business performance hurdles, guiding you towards transforming your enterprise through an AI-intelligent platform strategy.

AI Innovation

We'll assist you in capitalizing on the evolving realms of AI, from generative models like ChatGPT to conversational AI and beyond, from engineering phases to operational deployment, ensuring rapid and scalable delivery.

Begin Your AI Journey

If full-scale AI implementation seems daunting or you're at the initial stages, explore how to nurture an AI-ready workforce through our AI vision workshops or dive into our quick-start options.

AI Consulting for Strategic Planning, Governance, and Security Services

  • Integrating AI into Your Strategic Planning

  • Align AI initiatives with your business’s goals and objectives.

  • Creating a Strategy for Microsoft 365 Copilot or Salesforce Einstein

  • Tailor Copilot or Einstein AI implementation to support your business goals and objectives.

  • Integrating AI into Your Strategic Planning

  • Align AI initiatives with your business’s goals and objectives.

  • Creating a Strategy for Microsoft 365 Copilot or Salesforce Einstein

  • Tailor Copilot or Einstein AI implementation to support your business goals and objectives.


Governance Plan for AI and/or ChatGPT

  • Implement governance and policy frameworks for the use of AI tools, addressing ethical implications, security measures, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Governance Strategy for Microsoft 365 Copilot or Salesforce Einstein

  • Develop governance protocols for Microsoft 365 Copilot and Bing or Salesforce Einstein, focusing on security, data privacy, and adherence to compliance standards.

Assess an organization’s preparedness for adopting and incorporating AI across its workforce, operations, and technology infrastructure.

Establish an AI Center of Excellence within the organization.

Facilitate engaging workshops that enable stakeholders to discover the possibilities and visualize how AI can transform their business operations and objectives.

The Influence of Generative AI on Enhancing Workforce Efficiency

Generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, offer a significant uplift in productivity, akin to providing every employee with an additional two years of experience. This advancement yields over a 40% productivity increase for employees new to a subject area, while even seasoned staff see notable improvements. Beyond boosting productivity, generative AI enables employees to carry out tasks autonomously, tasks they once depended on others to complete. As a result, companies are rapidly adopting generative AI as a strategy to enhance growth, efficiency, and overall performance, securing a competitive advantage in their fields.


Our AI Innovation Services

Pinpoint chances to harness the built-in AI capabilities of platforms like Salesforce, NetSuite, or Dynamics to enhance processes, boost decision-making, and automate tasks effectively.

Create and implement generative AI models to generate new content, designs, or products using existing data.

Deploy AI-enhanced chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance customer support, service, and engagement.

Oversee the full lifecycle of AI systems from development and deployment to maintenance, guaranteeing peak performance, dependability, and scalability.

Incorporate AI tools and technologies into current systems and workflows to enhance performance and foster innovation.

Our Quick Start AI Services

If a full-scale AI deployment seems overwhelming and you’re just beginning, discover how to build an AI-ready team with our AI vision workshops or explore our introductory offerings.

Our quick-start AI initiatives concentrate on essential steps to prime organizations for AI adoption and ensure a fruitful journey into AI:

  • AI Strategic Planning: Craft and record your approach, whether it’s for ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, Salesforce Einstein, or a broad AI strategy.
  • AI Governance Framework: Establish a robust governance and security framework, detailing crucial AI policies and practices.
  • AI Preparedness Evaluation: Evaluate your infrastructure, culture, and processes to pave the way for a successful AI integration.
  • AI Vision Workshops: Develop a roadmap for AI adoption through collaborative engagement and education with key stakeholders.
  • AI Innovation Laboratory: Leverage our experimental environment to build AI prototypes and proofs of concept, testing your innovative concepts.
  • Generative AI Implementation: Embed ChatGPT within your Azure environment or deploy Microsoft Copilot features throughout your organization.