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Solve problems, build value.

Our primary goal is to solve complex business problems, and this theme is woven into our data analytics consulting approach.

Whether crafting your data strategy, building a data warehouse or designing a custom solution to meet your unique needs, our consultants go beyond building technology.

We take a holistic approach using data to solve business problems and capture opportunities. We look at the people, processes and technology surrounding data and analytics to deliver insights within the context of your business.

High-functioning data and analytics capabilities center around enabling the business to ask better questions – and get better answers – with consistency, a high degree of trust and timeliness.


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A modern data platform covers the entirety of the data ecosystem you need to support your evolving business. From Data Lakes, Lakehouses and Warehouses to Data Engineering and Governance, we can help you drive value out of your data in all of it – plus the tools and processes within.

Our framework allows for driving actionable insights from data generated and flowing at varying velocities using unbiased and greedy ingestion principles.

We employ contextual governance and data quality paradigms and enable consumption perspectives that combine fast atomic and slower harmonized and aggregated information.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) team of seasoned data scientists work with you to identify business challenges where AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities can create a competitive advantage and resolve major business issues.

Our team helps you analyze your internal and external data assets to provide a greater return on investment and assist with AI and ML benefits realization plans.

We also help your organization leverage advanced analytics by providing operational and strategic efficiencies.

The essence of a Data and Analytics solution lies in drawing the insights that help businesses with effective decision-making.

We not only help you identify tools and implement dashboard solutions but also create a platform for sustainable self-service business intelligence (BI).

For multiple organizations, our tech evangelists have crafted an adoption roadmap of the data visualization tools, which ranges from data culture and governance to mentoring and user enablement with trainings, best practices and extended support for maturity levels.

A well-designed, high-quality data governance program is essential to the success of any organization working with big data as it ensures our data assets are trusted, standardized and capable of serving multiple purposes.

In addition, the right program helps streamline policies and procedures as they get embedded into the different practices and guidelines across the organization, which increases efficiencies and effectiveness.

In some cases, using modern tools and visualization insights promotes changes in employee behavior. For example, employees begin responding to some tasks automatically.

We have a tried-and-true approach for executing strategies and roadmaps that helps translate visionary strategies into practical, pragmatic and actionable plans.

In the context of your business, we look at the people, processes and technology surrounding data and analytics to deliver insights when needed.

We also leverage value chain models to spur discussion and get ideas flowing to develop models that help us quickly understand what you have, as well as where you want to go.


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Our Data & Analytics Solutions

Our Modern Analytics Platform (MAP) is based on best data architectural practices for business use cases and analytics enablement, using modern principles of cloud computing.

Our Modern Analytics Platform leverages a series of proven accelerators and a value-driven delivery approach to ensure your organization can go from zero to data-driven in a sustainable way that drives incremental ROI.

We’ll use our MAP to incorporate your enterprise data into a Modern Analytics Architecture, enabling business intelligence, advanced analytics, scalability and interoperability.

Our Insurance Analytics Platform (IAP) is a pre-engineered analytics solution that powers business insights that drive premium growth, retention and improved operational efficiency.

The platform supports our comprehensive insurance value chain, which ties performance metrics to functional areas of your business.

This solution also contains industry-specific data models, use cases, business glossaries and dashboards designed to give your operations a jump start on data-driven decision-making.

Our Healthcare Analytics Platform (HAP) is a pre-engineered analytics solution based on the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) domain model that enables payer and provider use cases.

The platform aggregates data from disparate sources or leverages existing Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW) with advanced analytics capabilities that tie performance metrics to functional areas of your business.

Business and metric definitions ensure clarity in decision-making, provide deep insights into patient and member populations, and position organizations to optimize operational and business workflows – all while lowering costs.

Turn your company into a data-driven organization. We help you turn data into value and problems into solutions.