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Let our team show you how to harness the power of the cloud to build great software.

Cloud is the infrastructure and accelerator of Modern Software Delivery.

Cloud is the essential element to rapid innovation and faster development of business-critical functionality.

We focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and can help you with migrations, application and microservice development, infrastructure, and workload optimization.

Our cloud solutions optimize your cloud environment, ensuring that it is much more than “hardware somewhere else.”


Using two leading cloud-based solutions, Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can help you leverage the cloud as an accelerator to your software delivery pipeline.



Cloud strategy documents that outline key business drivers, business cases and strategies that help adopt cloud solutions as an operating model while aligning cloud strategy with business strategy. *Cloud Governance/Risk/Compliance (GRC) framework *Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) *Cloud adoption plan


Azure and AWS cloud computing services are delivered by our team of Centric Certified Professional Architects. They determine which applications are the best candidates for migration, and by which migration strategy to meet time and budget requirements. Application rationalization and migration prioritization Multi-cloud and hybrid architectures Rehosting (“Lift and Shift”) Platforming Refactoring

Cloud-Native Development

Applications refactored with cloud-native technologies. Our team of certified application developers and infrastructure architects help realize increased scalability, flexibility and cost savings. Containerization, serverless and other cloud-optimized technologies Cost optimization DevOps Managed services


Cloud technologies that unlock innovation in ways that on-premises technologies never could, or ever will – from proof of concept to testing, scaling and deployment. Rapid prototyping Blockchain Internet of Things (IoT) Augmented reality/virtual reality Next-generation technologies
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