Customer Success Story


Nikkiso Medical Transforms Operations with Dynamics 365 and CIO Advise

Nikkiso Medical, a leading supplier of kidney dialysis machines in North America, partnered with CIO Advise to revolutionize its ERP and Field Service Automation. The aim was to improve efficiency and streamline business operations.

Project information


  • An inflexible SAP ERP system.
  • Need for a unified Field Service system that connected to the ERP.


CIO Advise performed a comprehensive analysis of Nikkiso's requirements. We shortlisted and ranked the top 3 ERP solutions, leading Nikkiso to choose Dynamics 365 Business Central.


CIO Advise executed a tailored implementation that included:
  • Customizing workflow and business processes.
  • Report modification.
  • Stock and inventory adjustment.
We also assisted in the integration of Dynamics 365 Field Service, allowing seamless coordination between the warehouse and field technicians.


  • Efficient service call scheduling.
  • Real-time tracking of on-site maintenance.
  • Enhanced inventory management.


With Dynamics 365 Business Central and Field Service, integrated by CIO Advise, Nikkiso Medical now enjoys a robust and flexible system that meets its operational demands. This transformation paves the way for Nikkiso to continue as a leader in its field.

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