Modern Software Delivery

We help your team build the software you need using today’s most modern techniques.

Our Modern Software Delivery (MSD) practice delivers software that your CIO loves to manage, your CFO is willing to pay for, and your CEO is excited to talk about, including:

  • Software development that alleviates delivery and operational friction.
  • Innovative applications that enhance users’ satisfaction and usage.
  • Seamless tools that leverage modern software practices and improve culture.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that automate processes and delight customers.

Modern tools and the skills to create them are critical in today’s market, where business success depends on your ability to identify and adapt to rapidly changing business conditions. Failing to deliver technology in a modern way has very real impacts. Over the last 10 years, innovative S&P 500 companies have outperformed less innovative companies by more than 200%.

However, outperforming today is not just about who gets to market first, but also who can scale the fastest, with the most optimized costs. Companies that do so succeed and thrive, while those that don’t go extinct.

Our proven MSD methodology enables software delivery that provides reliable, scalable solutions for our clients. But we also teach teams to build and deliver modern software themselves, synergizing Agile management, effective test automation, DevOps practices, modular architecture and cloud platforms.

Our MSD software consulting services can help.



Using proven components and methodologies, we empower you to deliver software that meets customer expectations, defends against competitive threats, and adapts to industry disrupters.


Cloud strategy, migration, optimization and native development solutions, built on Azure and AWS platforms by our Microsoft and Advanced AWS Consulting Partners.

Custom Application Development

Application/data modernization, full-stack and mobile application development, IoT, VR/AR, blockchain and more.

Agile Transformation

Agile coaches with deep industry expertise to lead and train your teams in pragmatic approaches to Lean portfolio management, SAFe implementation, Agile delivery and more.

Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Test modernization and automated testing — including web, mobile, Guidewire and Salesforce — to gather quality feedback quickly for fast-moving technology development.


Pipeline modernization, DevOps platform implementation, and DevOps as a Service to continuously deliver and integrate custom software and apps.


How It Works

  • Configures Agile Project Management Tools to manage development efforts using Lean Agile Principles
  • Stands up core development infrastructure needed to support modern development best practices such as trunk-based development, modern modular architecture, containers/services, code scanning and more
  • Establishes seamless application deployment pipelines by standing up your DevOps build (CI) and deployment (CD) based on environment progression and blue-green production deployment strategies.
  • Prepares for ongoing Operations by configuring, alerting and monitoring in production environment
  • Gives the development team a head start by installing a customizable sample or Reference Application that illustrates desired architectural patterns, modern development practices, testing frameworks and more.

Whether you need to swap one component or many, we can work with you to design and implement a solution that fits your organization’s needs.

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