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What is Digital Transformation and How Can It Drive ROI?

Times have changed.

Boardroom strategy used to go something like this.

CEO “We want to make more money.”

Board Member“How are we going to do that?”

CEO“We have to be more efficient.”

Board Member“We’ve hired the best efficiency experts out there and followed their advice, now what?”

CEO“Then we have to cut costs.”

CFO “I’ve looked at the numbers. There’s really very little room to cut costs.”

And that’s about where it all ground to a halt.

Sure, some plans were drawn up, but everyone knew that the results would be incremental at best.

Digital Transformation is changing this entire scenario.


By turning the whole situation on its head and asking the question, “What can we accomplish with technology that we weren’t able to accomplish before?”

Each process and department is scrutinized for ways to improve, automate, integrate, and streamline processes – resulting in cost reductions and efficiency/productivity improvements.

Is Digital Transformation About Turning Jobs Over to Robots?

No. It’s about finding the best way to do things.

Often. Employees are excited about the potential for them to get away from menial, repetitive processes to work that has more impact and provides more job satisfaction.

How Does Digital Transformation Relate to the Migration of our Economy to a Knowledge-Based Economy?

CIO Advise IT consultants have watched CEOs and CXOs struggle with the shift that we have seen over the past years. Customer expectations have evolved in lockstep with the extraordinary advance of technology.

But we haven’t just been watching from the sidelines.

CIO Advise works with CEOs and CXOs to leverage Digital Transformation principles and build agile frameworks that can adapt to our rapidly changing marketplace landscape.

What Other Advantages and Technologies Does CIO Advise Bring to the Table?

  • Tap into Actionable Data – Business Intelligence & Data Modernization
  • Drive Powerful Engagement – Project Management
  • Build Seamless Automated Workflows – Enterprise Level Robotic Process Automation
  • Secure the Business – Cyber Security
  • Leverage Always-On Capability – Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery
  • Harness the Power of C-suite IT Experience – CIO Advisory Services
  • Run Seamless Operations – Helping Internal IT Departments Perform
  • Build a Modern Platform – ERP & CRM Projects


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