IT Project Management

CIO Advise provides IT Project Management for organizations across the United States.

IT Project Stuck? Scope Creep Getting Out Of Control?

  • Have a long list of IT projects to complete this year?
  • IT project expenses going up with no end in sight?
  • Need someone to take control and successfully complete your projects?

CIO Advise here is to help. Our team of highly experienced IT project managers will help ensure all your IT projects are completed on time and within your allotted budget.

A well-orchestrated project adheres to a proven methodology that consistently produces results, keeps costs aligned, improves efficiencies, and focuses on your satisfaction.

CIO Advise focuses on meeting your business needs and objectives through open communication and countless years of expertise. Since 2011, CIO Advise has successfully completed hundreds of IT projects for clients across a wide range of business verticals.  

Need IT project management support for a critical upgrade, data integration project, or new software implementation?

IT Project Management Services

Our firm struggled since day one to move the needle on our IT projects. Something needed to occur to get projects moving. We reached out to CIO Advise. They helped us prioritize projects, get the right team of experts, and complete numerous projects over the years.

Rich Tucker

IT Project Consulting Services

We had some pretty intensive IT projects prior to COVID.  All of which were put on hold when the pandemic struck. When our firm started to resume somewhat normal business operations again, we needed a team to help us move the sticks with our projects. CIO Advise stepped in and got things moving.

Julie Smithson

Benefits Of Hiring CIO Advise As Your IT Project Management Team

Having a fine-tuned IT project management team is priceless. Corporations across the country waste millions of dollars on IT projects that go off the rails and ultimately are never completed.

CIO Advise reduces the risk of IT projects going off track by:

  • Leveraging countless years of experience working with complex IT projects such as Microsoft Cloud deployments, digital transformation projects, on-premise to cloud migrations, and even very complex application deployments and upgrade projects.
  • Proven processes and systems using the most advanced toolsets and collaboration strategies to keep all invested parties and individuals aware of all timelines and potential issues.
  • Adherence to strict industry standards and best practices (PMI or ITIL)
  • Highly skilled and certified IT professionals with a detailed understanding of end goals, business processes, and specific industry experience

CIO Advise provides strategic consulting, project management, and project services for companies of all sizes throughout the United States.

Ready to Reduce the Risk Associated With Your Next IT Project?

Starting an IT project is often a daunting task. CIO Advise is here to help you through each stage of the project lifecycle.  

Your trusted and vetted CIO Advise team can help with:

  • Create or modify IT project plan and scope definition
  • Provide Team leadership and mentorship
  • Project resourcing, coordination and assignments
  • Working with all stakeholders to ensure accurate and timely delivery of products and services
  • Establish schedule and project timelines
  • Identify opportunities to gain efficiencies and streamline processes
  • Ensure strict adherence to budgets and forecasts
  • Manage all risks and issue responses
  • Coordinate projects and tasks across all teams
  • Align deliverables with business outcomes 
  • Manage all project documentation
  • Control the quality of deliverables
  • Monitoring and status reporting to all stakeholders
  • Ensure milestones and goals are achieved on time and on budget

CIO Advise just doesn’t create a plan and walk away.  We are here with you at each stage of your project — and beyond.  Ready to take that first step and speak with us about your upcoming IT projects?  Reach out to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

IT Project Management
IT Project Management Services and Solutions