Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management Consulting

Portfolio, program, and project management consulting to help you execute strategy and realize value with business agility.


Accelerate Strategy Execution with Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Being flexible and collaborative while turning strategy into business value is a perennial challenge. Discover how upgraded PPM capabilities can help you execute strategy faster.

Prepare Your Project Management Office for Economic Uncertainty

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in today’s uncertain economy and unpredictable market. Learn how your business’s PMO can help mitigate risk and alleviate stress in these challenging times.

Select High-Impact Projects with Improved Demand Management Processes

Understand how robust demand management and informed prioritization processes can help you select the highest impact projects to maximize ROI and optimize resource utilization.

Constant change and high disruption are the new normal.

Paradigm-shifting events, intensifying customer expectations and groundbreaking technology solutions are reshaping strategy, operations and culture for companies every day. Your success in this new normal depends on your ability to rapidly realign programs and projects to continuously evolving circumstances and strategies, and your ability to skillfully execute in a way that maximizes resources, minimizes risk and delivers results.

We see the challenges you are facing:

  • You need strategic alignment on your portfolio of programs and projects, plus the ability to quickly execute the highest impact programs and projects.
  • Your portfolio, program or project management office (PMO) needs to focus more on actively delivering business outcomes, less on centrally controlling business compliance.
  • Your project portfolio management (PPM) practice needs flexible and collaborative processes, tools and methods to keep pace with change.

Our Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management experts work with you to ensure that all of these elements work in concert to accelerate value delivery for your business. It’s about more than simply getting the job done—it’s about getting the job done well.


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Our Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management Consulting Services

95 %
Business Growth

Nikkiso Medical Transforms Operations with Dynamics 365 and CIO Advise

Nikkiso Medical, a leading supplier of kidney dialysis machines in North America, partnered with CIO Advise to revolutionize its ERP and Field Service Automation. The aim was to improve efficiency and streamline business operations.

Project information

An inflexible SAP ERP system. Need for a unified Field Service system that connected to the ERP.
CIO Advise performed a comprehensive analysis of Nikkiso's requirements. We shortlisted and ranked the top 3 ERP solutions, leading Nikkiso to choose Dynamics 365 Business Centra


Having a qualified team like CIO Advise allowed us to complete the project in a third of the time rather than doing it ourselves.

Nick Recker
CEO PathForward

Strategic Evolution for Your PPM

As change and disruption make planning more challenging, companies have recognized the need to evolve their portfolio, program and project management capabilities from a supporting function to a core capability focused on end-to-end strategy execution and value realization. Imagine having your portfolio of programs and projects aligned to organizational outcomes, focused on strategy and fully executed to realize maximum benefit.


Centered on You.

Our Business Consulting Services are structured to address your end-to-end business needs. We provide comprehensive support for your business across strategy, operations and culture.

Together with our partners in Strategy Alignment and Architecture, Operational Excellence, People and Change, and Technology Services, our Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management team finds data and forms insights to optimize your PMO and enhance your PPM.

Your work with us will be tailored especially for your business. Whatever your company’s challenge, we will engage the right expertise to guide you.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you execute strategy and deliver value faster.


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