Why Do Organizations Need a Successful Change Management Strategy?

Does your business need to make a change that impacts a lot of your staff? What is the best way to make this change a positive one for your business?  
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Change Management Strategy

Does your business need to make a change that impacts a lot of your staff? What is the best way to make this change a positive one for your business?  

Most people don’t like change, and resist any type of change even if it makes things better. Therefore, when an organization decides to implement change, it is much more successful with a well-thought-out change management strategy. It doesn’t matter whether the change is initiated by human resources, IT, or any other department. The key element that determines whether a change will be successful is how well the change is embraced by employees, vendors, and customers. If people embrace the change, they are more willing to adopt it in a positive manner. When initiating a change, communication and engagement is critical.

At the moment when someone chooses to change, their brain scan shows a tremendous amount of activity as insight develops, and the brain begins building new and complex connections. — Forbes

Why is a Change Management Strategy Necessary?

Employing change management is critical for a successful introduction, implementation, and utilization of a new system. Your change management strategy should be in place before you choose a solution. When you become aware that there needs to be a change due to growth or other factors, you can start planning the process for selection. That process begins with assigning people to a selection team. For instance, should the selection team include employees from several departments or just one?

Who is Impacted by Change?

If your IT department realizes that a change in software is required, who will be impacted by the change? Should you ask representatives from the impacted groups to help with new software selection? And after making a selection, what is the best strategy for implementing the change? The goal is to determine how you can make the implementation the least disruptive to employees and customers.

For example, if you invite a range of impacted employees to help with the selection, they will be engaged in the process from the get-go. These can be people from several departments including IT, corporate, accounting, operations or sales. You may end up with a larger selection team, but in return, you will gain several benefits.

How is an Inclusive Selection Team a Benefit for Business?

Since the ultimate goal is to manage a successful change, inclusiveness is a benefit.

  • People who use the software are more familiar with wants and needs to make their jobs easier.
  • Staff can try out the software before it is implemented, giving them a chance to engage with and have ownership of the final decision.
  • Being on the selection team is a bonding experience, and will encourage cross-department cooperation.
  • Team members will feel appreciated, and feel responsible for helping their departments implement the change.

How Can Change Be Implemented Positively?

This can also be an assignment for the selection team. Since they have gotten to know the new software (or other change) intimately, they are the best people to promote and help train their coworkers. Team members can enthusiastically introduce the new software, and the rest of the staff will learn about the change from someone they know. This is an easy way to improve the change process, and make it more efficient.

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