IT Project Management

What Does it Take to Drive Powerful Outcomes?

There may be no area in an organization that falls prey to more half-baked, poorly conceived, and quickly abandoned projects than the IT department.

Sometimes the plans are good, but the implementation is faulty.

Other times, the project is doomed from the start because it just wasn’t a good idea.

It’s not always the fault of the internal IT organization.

Sometimes organizational leadership makes poor choices regarding IT projects because there is no executive IT voice in the boardroom to steer them toward a better decision.

Sometimes projects are great in concept, but because of the retirement, firing, or resigning of the in-house CIO or key staff members they get left on the shelf, half-done.

There has to be a better way…

And there is.

The CIO Advise Path to Better IT Project Management

  1. Consult with CIO Advise about your project.
  2. Engage one of our CIOs to explore the parameters and requirements of your project and give his/her recommendations on timetable, resources, feasibility, and asset requirements.
  3. CIO Advise will put a plan together and organize the team for success.
  4. Contract with CIO Advise to manage the IT project and lead your internal IT team throughout the process.
  5. Rely on your CIO Advise Project Manager to bring the expected result in on-time and on budget.

What Are Some of the Common IT Project Management tasks that CIO Advise Takes On?

  • High-Profile Technology Implementations – such as CRM, ERP systems
  • Digtal Transformation
  • Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Data Center Moves
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development