Power BI, Azure Data Warehouse, and Azure Data Factory

CIO Advise offers Power BI, Azure Data Warehouse, and Azure Data Factory services for large and small organizations across the United States.

Easily Connect, Visualize, And Discover What’s Important With Your Data

  • Unable to make sense of the massive amount of information you collect?
  • Do you want a platform that lets you sort and grab profitable data from your files?
  • Something still holding you back from getting useful business intelligence tools?

What Is Microsoft Power BI?

To fully leverage information and data your organization collects from customers and clients, you must use business intelligence tools. These processes, architectures, methodologies, and technologies convert your raw data into incredibly useful and actionable information.

That’s where Microsoft Power BI steps in. It is an advanced set of business tools, unlike any other we’ve seen and support. As an assortment of cloud-based apps and services, your organization can collate, manage, and analyze every piece of data from each of your sources.

With the user-friendly interface, Power BI searches and pulls data together. Then it processes it into crystal clear insights. Often, the tools will produce visually compelling graphs and charts. Where Excel ends, Power BI begins and is the next level of business intelligence.

If you want more reporting power and analytical muscle offered by Microsoft Power BI, schedule a consultation with our CIO Advise team.

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Microsoft Azure Data Warehousing

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What Is Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse?

Another business intelligence tool is Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse. It is a data warehousing solution for enterprise organizations and small to midsize businesses. Once deployed, your company can access all your structured data sources.

The Data Warehouse is a useful product for collecting, querying and discovering hidden insights from your data sources. It shows complete compliance with being highly elastic and a scalable cloud service, from legal to business security requirements.

Benefits of Azure Data Warehouse are:

  • Elasticity – computing and storage is scaled independently
  • Security-oriented – Azure SQL has numerous security components in place
  • V12 portability – Microsoft offers tools for easy upgrades to & from SQL Server to Azure SQL
  • High scalability – Azure data warehouse scales up and down quickly based on requirements

To tap into this or other Power BI tools, schedule a consultation with CIO Advise leadership.

What Is Microsoft Azure Data Factory?

Azure Data Factory is also a cloud-managed integration system and another business intelligence tool. The service is used to organize data copying between different data sources or schedule and orchestrate complex data flows. Some sources are relational or non-relational and are either hosted in the cloud or local datacenters.

Microsoft Azure Data Factory has:

  • Built-in features to configure simple data flows  
  • Can transfer data between database systems and file systems
  • It is capable of connecting to different database systems
  • It can initiate SSIS packages

To uncover the Azure Data Factory 90+ components, understand the process of creating a new data factory, or discuss Azure DevOps and GitHub repositories with our leadership team, book a Microsoft Power BI consultation with CIO Advise.

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