Outsourced Cybersecurity Specialists

CIO Advise provides an outsourced cybersecurity specialist for organizations across the United States.

The Security Of Your Data Paramount To Your Organization’s Success

  • Are the ongoing threats of security breaches impacting your business operations?
  • Are you unsure of your current corporate cybersecurity posture?
  • Is your team struggling to stay current with all emerging threats?
  • Do you have concerns that your data is protected in transit and at rest?

You deserve the confidence of knowing that your organization has the right cybersecurity defenses and leadership to combat the ongoing threats from new emerging cybersecurity threats on the global stage.

Cybersecurity is a vital component in the successful operation of any corporate entity. Yet, many companies still do not have Information Security as an executive role — with a seat at the table for the most important executive conversations. 

Cybersecurity Professional In The United States
Cybersecurity Consultant

Defining the Requirements for a Mature CISO Strategy

As a business matures and corporate networks evolve, many corporations struggle to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity trends, regulatory requirements, and the rising threat of cybercrime in general.

CIO Advise works with our clients to identify security gaps, chart out a cybersecurity strategy, and provide you with a solid understanding of your cybersecurity posture. Since 2011, we have advised clients on compliance regulations, IT governance, privacy regulations, and more. 

Why risk the security of your organization? Our trusted advisors can help your team form a strategy and roadmap for execution.

Corporations Like Yours Trust CIO Advise As a Cybersecurity Partner

Security is nothing new to our trusted and vetted security professionals. CIO Advise has worked with numerous businesses throughout the world to help combat the threats of cybercrime.

Here are a few reasons that companies are confidently working with CIO Advise:

  • We offer a complete, hands-on approach that is customized to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.
  • You receive action-oriented recommendations designed to improve your cybersecurity posture.
  • Our team maximizes your investment in cybersecurity through a framework of information sharing, advisory engagements, security assessments and ongoing testing.
  • CIO Advise brings years of experience with compliance, regulatory and privacy regulations (ISO, GDPR, PCI and more).
  • We often help develop new security initiatives, including work from home, remote worker and online security solutions.

To make sure your business is properly protected, you need a trusted security advisor at the boardroom table. CISO as a Service provided by CIO Advise ensures that your organization has everything you need and you’re confident in the security and stability of your cybersecurity investments.

Cybersecurity Experts For US Corporations

Thanks to the team at CIO Advise for working with our internal IT team to ensure our “Work From Home” strategy was properly secure during the COVID crisis.  The CIO Advise team’s insights saved us hours, if not days or weeks of headaches making sure our 500+ employees are working from home in a secure manner.  Thanks to the team for your hard work and dedication.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Corporate Cybersecurity Solutions United States

During COVID-19, our company was forced to send all of our employees home to work for 10+ weeks.  Although, we had a plan in place, thanks to CIO Advise, we didn’t have an opportunity to put it to practice in such a large scale.  The CIO Advise team work alongside our IT team to ensure everything was secure and everyone was able to work securely and our company, didn’t miss a beat.

Frank Garcia

Our growing firm struggled to stay on top of all the emerging cybersecurity threats that impact us on a daily basis. We need an expert to help guide us in the right direction. We hired CIO Advise as our trusted cybersecurity professional and the team got to work immediately to ensure all our cyber defenses were rock solid.

Terry Allan

Creating a Strategic Advantage Goes Far Beyond Cybersecurity

CIO Advise goes much deeper than just making sure your organization has the right firewall, endpoint protection and anti-malware solutions.

Today’s organizations must have a defense-in-depth strategy and the right guidance to ensure their financial well-being. 

Legislation and Regulations

  • Which regulations and legislation does your organization need to comply with?
  • Are you meeting and achieving your obligations for customers and vendors?
  • What are the possible risks that are facing your organization’s infrastructure in the future?

Privacy and Security

  • Which privacy policies do we have in place today?
  • How do we measure each staff member’s level of cybersecurity know-how?
  • How are you protecting the information on your corporate IT systems?

Security Measures & Controls

  • Do we have effective measures and controls in place to protect employees and clients?
  • How mature is our corporate security program?
  • Are there security measures that our competitors are taking that we have not yet implemented?

Walking through these various scenarios helps us gain a comprehensive picture of your current cybersecurity posture, and where reinforcements may be needed. 

One security breach can kill your organization.  In order to remain competitive in today’s fast-moving world, CIO Advise helps you guard against any security risk that could damage your company and cause unnecessary financial loss.