Outsourced CIO Services

CIO Advise provides outsourced CIO services for organizations across the United States.

Companies Trust CIO Advise To Provide Informed Business Advice

  • Are you leveraging the latest technologies to ensure your company can thrive?
  • Falling behind your competitors because they have adapted to new technologies?
  • Not sure where to turn for reliable and unbiased IT advice?

Corporate leadership teams that lack a Chief Information Officer often struggle to get high-level advice to help their organizations navigate the latest IT trends. Business leaders have come to the realization that emerging technologies hold the key to business survival and success.

Since 2011, CIO Advise has worked with some of the top organizations in the world to offer strategic direction and advice, propelling companies forward with their business and digital transformation strategies. 

Outsourced CIO Services

At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.

John Chambers

Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems

CIO Consulting Services

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

Take Advantage of Decades of Executive-Level IT Experience 

The past few years have been turbulent for corporate entities.The impact of COVID-19, political uncertainty and economic fluctuations have accelerated the adoption of digital transformation technologies and initiatives. Customers and staff demand the ability to access their information when, where and how they wish — and it’s your job to keep that data secure.

An organization’s ability to harness and leverage emerging technologies will determine their ability to thrive in the ever-changing corporate world. Diverse organizations in the retail industry, telemedicine, food delivery and streaming media have all been presented with an opportunity to scale aggressively due to radical changes in consumer behavior.

Gaining insights into your operations allows companies to accelerate digital transformation and retain or grow their competitive edge.

During a recent study, 57% of executives state that their organization’s priorities have shifted and the investments in emerging technologies were paramount.

This is where CIO Advise can help. Engaging a fractional CIO is the perfect solution for organizations that require IT leadership and direction to achieve growth goals, cost reductions, improved brand value and clearer decision making.

Timely, Strategic Advice to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Balance Budgets

Each engagement with our clients is different, allowing the CIO Advise team to focus on your business objectives and design unique solutions for your business.

Some of our main focus areas include:

  • Process automation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Smart analytics
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud technologies
  • Blockchain
  • Edge computing 
  • 5G and other wireless technologies

In order to drive massive market shifts, organizations today must have a strategic CIO and technology partner to facilitate growth. CIO as a Service engagements with the CIO Advise team will help accelerate the surge of digital transformation and support rapid development, secure solutions and data consistency for your business. 

Each of our engagements begins with an in-depth mapping of your current IT initiatives, to better understand the challenges that are facing your business both now and in the future. We will work closely with your technical and leadership teams to ensure we are laser-focused on the most actionable projects that will help meet your business goals. 

Sit down with the CIO Advise team and begin the process of charting your business success.

CIO Advisory Services For Business

We went from being the Flintstones to the Jetsons in 9 months.

David Giambruno

Senior VP & CIO, Tribune Media

CIO Consulting Solutions