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Optimization is the final step in the CIO Advise process. Before reaching this stage, we have strategically identified your goals and developed a road map for success, collaboratively managed the transformation process, secured your IT infrastructure, and ensured that your IT meets your requirements.

In the Optimization stage, we take a holistic approach to the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT systems. Each hardware, software, and cloud asset is put under the microscope, configured, and managed to provide continuous, high-output performance.

Redefine Your Support Model and Position Your Infrastructure for Success.

What Does it Mean to Optimize an Enterprise IT System?

  • Ensure that your internal IT organization has the tools and advice they need
  • Put patching, update, and upgrade protocols in place
  • Integrate diverse applications and hardware for optimal performance
  • Automate repetitive manual processes
  • Utilize the ERP throughout the corporation
  • Making sense of IT system complexity for employees

What is the Benefit of the optimizeIT Stage?

  • Reduce Waste of Resources – time and manpower
  • Monitoring of Daily Performance
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Higher Levels of IT Security
  • Access to Better Analytic Data
  • Reduction in Human Error Incidents
  • Better Quality Control Systems
  • Assurance of Regulatory Compliance
  • More Overall Efficiency

What are Managed IT Services and How Do They Fit into Enterprise Optimization?

A central component of any proactive optimization strategy has to be Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services is a continuous IT optimization strategy that allows for always-on maintenance, monitoring, and management of IT assets. CIO Advise will work with your internal IT organization to put Managed IT Services protocols into place.

Why is the Managed IT Services stage of optimization vital?

Because optimization is not a “do-and-done” project.

Instead, it is an ongoing effort to streamline IT processes and secure IT assets.

The maintenance and monitoring aspects of Managed IT Services allow your IT organization to spot and address IT issues in real time – before they impact the workflow efficiency of the organization.

Will optimizeIT Protocols be Revenue Positive?

Absolutely. This stage of the CIO Advise process is all about doing those things that will provide immediate and mid-term ROI from IT assets. Each IT or security incident that is avoided through careful IT optimization represents tens of thousands of dollars in revenue that may have been lost. Every minute/day of workflow gained through IT optimization also is financially significant when multiplied across the organization.


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