Using New Technologies Overview

Is Your Corporation Harnessing the Power of Cutting-Edge Enterprise Technology?
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Is Your Enterprise Using New Technologies to Keep Pace with the Competition?

Does your organization operate in a fast-paced sector?

Does your internal IT department strain to keep up with the daily demands of your operation?

Are you looking to new technologies as a competitive advantage?

Let’s face it.

Your competition is likely already consulting with IT professionals to see how emerging technology can make them more secure, efficient, productive, and compliant.

CIO Advise personnel will help you make sure that your corporation has the C-suite IT consulting needed to make strategic decisions about new and emerging technologies.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • IoT
  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Technologies

Does CIO Advise Push Clients into New Technology Just Because it is New?

No. Our IT consultants are just advisors. We don’t push or demand anything of our clients in regard to new technologies.

Instead, we survey your current IT infrastructure to see what gaps might be filled with new technologies and then give you the facts needed to make an informed, pro-growth decision on the items at hand.

CIO Advise is very careful to propose only those new technologies that offer significant ROI and are offered by trusted developers. Although we love to try out new technology, we will not suggest anything that has not been thoroughly vetted by our IT consultants.

Is New Technology Going to Cost You More?

Usually, new technologies have an ROI curve. You may have to pay more for them up front, but the return on the back end in avoiding lost productivity, gaining efficiencies, and harnessing organizational advantages makes up for the initial outlay of cash.

However, there are times that newer technologies actually save you in up-front capital costs as well as ongoing expense costs. This is most evident today in aspects of cloud computing where the cloud can be leveraged to eliminated on-premises hardware and software. This scenario saves you the capital cost of purchasing the equipment and saves money in the implementation time and ongoing configuration/maintenance of machines.


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