Microsoft Teams Support

CIO Advise helps organizations across the country with the deployment, migration, and ongoing support of their Microsoft Teams environment.

Stay Connected With Staff And Accomplish More Using Microsoft Teams

  • Want to reduce email and have shorter, more focused staff meetings?
  • Sharing and collaboration in real-time not implemented at this time?
  • Are you looking for the ultimate online meeting tool to simplify your work?

Searching for a better solution to your current chat-based communications and collaboration platform, CIO Advise recommends Microsoft Teams. It is a robust, feature-rich alternative to Zoom, Slack, and Hangouts with a long list of benefits.

If your organization is currently using the online versions of Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, and Outlook, Microsoft Teams comes fully integrated with your Office 365 business subscription. Unlike competitive platforms, Teams immediately gives you five time-saving benefits:

  • Attachments are in one place.
  • Promotes teamwork, feedback, and collaboration.
  • Conversations do not end up in different places.
  • Cuts down on emails clogging your inbox.
  • The chat gets saved forever.

To uncover the additional benefits buried inside Microsoft Teams, schedule a consultation with our CIO Advise team.

Microsoft Teams Support and Consulting

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Microsoft Teams Consulting

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How To Stay Connected Using Microsoft Teams

To accomplish more with your management teams, staff, and vendors, Microsoft Teams provides a modern solution to the age-old conference room meeting experience. Instead of gathering in person, virtually connecting and collaborating is more effortless, fun, and allows each participant to continue with their day uninterrupted.

  • Chat – instant messaging allows you to keep your team connected
  • Meet – online meetings permits you to work remotely and securely
  • Call – voice and video calling from one online calling app
  • Collaborate – work, communicate, and discuss in one virtual location

If you want to stay connected and engaged with colleagues and suppliers but currently do not use Microsoft Teams, that can change. Take the first step. Schedule your initial consultation with our CIO Advise team.