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Build Custom Feature-Rich Business Apps Without Writing Code

  • Unsure why your app isn’t changing manual processes to automated digital processes?
  • Still, struggling to get your app running seamlessly in a browser or on mobile devices?
  • Does custom-building your business app still require knowing and writing code?

If you’ve recently discovered Microsoft Power Apps, it could be intimidating the first time looking around. You have Power App Studio, App Designer, Portals Studio, and Dataverse, to name a few. At your fingertips, quite literally, is a powerful suite of services, connectors, apps, and a data platform at your disposal.

Combined, it gives you the perfect environment to build and create custom apps quickly for your organization. When making their apps, our clients discovered how to transform manual business processes to automated, digital processes. And knowing and writing code was not needed.

To unlock the possibilities with Power Apps, which run seamlessly in a browser or on mobile devices, every time, schedule a consultation with our CIO Advise team members.

Microsoft PowerApps Development

A owe a huge thank you to the team at CIO Advise for helping with our most recent Microsoft cloud deployment. Their expertise and knowledge of the entire Microsoft cloud solution proved to be most beneficial to the successful deployment of our latest IT solutions.

Nick Guthrie

Microsoft PowerApps Development Services

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What Are The Basics Of Making An App In Microsoft Power Apps?

When you think of creating a business app, most of our clients wonder if they can do it. It surprises many when a CIO Advise team member demonstrates how easy it is to create it with Microsoft Power Apps.

The first thing we cover is knowing what type of apps you can make. There are three: Canvas, Portal, and Model-Driven.

  • Canvas Apps – they begin with your user experience.
  • Portal Apps – they are for external-facing websites.
  • Model-Driven Apps – they start with your data model.

Then we explain the basics of planning and making an app. There are five: Plan, Design, Make, Test, and Deploy & Refine.

  • Plan – Identify the who, what, when, how, and why.
  • Design – Model the data and sketch out the app screens.
  • Make – Create your app.
  • Test – Have beta testers try the app.
  • Deploy & Refine – Put the app in the user’s hands; request their feedback, make any changes.

To start creating or building your first business app, the CIO Advise consulting team is ready to walk you through the process. To begin, schedule your initial Microsoft Power App consultation. 

What Should You Know About Microsoft Dataverse?

Before Microsoft renamed it Dataverse, it was called Common Data Service. It is the secure and sophisticated platform that is behind Dynamics 365 and Power Platform robust environments. Inside Dataverse, you can securely manage and store data used by your business apps created on the Power Apps platform.

Furthermore, Dataverse works with multiple types of data. It incorporates all the significant categories in data technologies that your organization wants and needs— file, image, search, relational, non-relational, and data lake. To uncover how to use this platform and get your application off the ground, book an initial Microsoft Power Apps consultation.

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