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Create Automated Workflows For Your Business Apps and Services

  • Still, need an app developer to create flows?
  • Notifications not showing up when somethings wrong?
  • Unable to send automatic reminders for past due tasks?

Initially known as Microsoft’s MS Flow, Power Automate has become the industry’s top cloud-based workflow engine. With its own modern RPA feature called UI flows, any manual process or task you have can quickly get automated. It allows your staff a seamless way to automate repetitive manual tasks with connected services and apps.

Consider the amount of time saved when connecting with over 300 data sources or any publicly available API, such as SharePoint, Power BI, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Teams. Ever thought you’d see the day where you can automate tasks on your tablet or computer, for instance, computing data in Excel?

That’s what many of our clients discovered too! They were surprised how efficient their tasks became, once automated. If that’s what you want, then take a moment and schedule a Power Automate consultation with one of our CIO Advise team members.

Microsoft Power Automate

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Microsoft Power Automate

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What Are The Different Types Of Flows?

Creating flows for the first time is quickly done using a template you choose from the Power Automate template gallery. Each flow template is designed for a specific purpose. Next, you will decide which type of flow is best for your needs.

The types of flows available are Cloud flows, Desktop flows, or Business Process flows.

  • Cloud Flows – automation triggered automatically, instantly, or scheduled.
  • Desktop Flows – used to automate tasks on the desktop or the Web.
  • Business Process Flows –  provides a predefined process for staff to follow.

Once you’ve selected your flow, you will choose an event or a trigger for the flow to start. Once established, the trigger signals the flow to perform predefined actions you set in place. To get started using Microsoft Power Automate, schedule an initial consultation with CIO Advise.

What Industries Are Using Microsoft Power Automate?

Anyone from a standard business user to an IT professional can create automated processes using Power Automate’s no-code/low-code platform. With easy access and usability, Power Automate has made its way across the globe and into many industries. Over the years, we invested time, energy, and resources to understand the IT environments and workflow for numerous industries.

  • Financial Services
  • Private Equity
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Merger & Acquisition Firms
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Healthcare

Whether your profession is Finance, Human Resources, or Merger & Acquisition Firms, Microsoft’s Power Automate has an automated process that perfectly fits your industry. To start using it today, schedule an initial consultation with CIO Advise, and discover the benefits from the industry’s top cloud-based workflow engine.

Microsoft Power Automate Expertise

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