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CIO Advise helps organizations across the country with the deployment, migration, and ongoing support of their Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Cloud environments.

Cloud Storage That Is Accessible, Secure, Scalable, And Backup Ready

  • Are you still concerned about your privacy and data security?
  • Is migrating to a cloud platform planned but not implemented?
  • Have a desktop or mobile device with no cloud storage access?

Once considered a novelty computing feature, Cloud technology is now the industry standard for off-premises data storage and security. Whether an organization wants to use or set up Public, Private, Hybrid, or Community Cloud deployments, the need to adopt the platform has become a permanent business fixture in every industry and sector worldwide.

When deciding to migrate your company to the cloud, Microsoft OneDrive remains a highly effective cloud storage platform and data security solution. With every organization having different data demands, one benefit applies to all; OneDrive is easy to use and implement for any size business.

To discuss setting up and deploying a cloud platform for your organization, schedule your OneDrive consultation with our CIO Advise team.

Microsoft OneDrive Support

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Microsoft OneDrive Support Services

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5 Benefits When Deploying Microsoft OneDrive

A question CIO Advise gets asked is why setup and use Microsoft OneDrive? Those asking are either searching for better cloud platform solutions or new to cloud storage systems.

If they’ve migrated to the cloud and used the platform, the time for a robust alternative has arrived. The other group is in the beginning stages of planning and gathering information, and their data resides on servers at their physical location.

Our answer comes down to these five benefits when deploying Microsoft OneDrive:

  • Get Enterprise-grade security that protects your files and data.
  • Locate any files quickly with the easy interface.
  • Access your files from any authorized device.
  • Easily share your files at or away from your organization.
  • Use document co-authoring capabilities with Microsoft 365 integration.

The OneDrive cloud platform is a well-rounded storage solution with numerous benefits and features. To discover the other possibilities of setting up and using the cloud, schedule an initial consultation with the CIO Advise team.

What To Know About OneDrive’s Data Encryption

When your data travels or considered at rest, it must always have encryption to protect it and keep it secure. The advanced data-encryption methods Microsoft OneDrive uses cover three vital data areas:

  • Data traveling from a device to the data center and back
  • Data in transit between servers in the data center
  • When the data is stationary or considered at rest

When your information is at rest, it is secured using disk encryption. Each of your files gets encrypted with a unique encryption key. Should a file be larger than 64 KB, OneDrive splits it into individual chunks. Those chunks each get an encryption key, which is locked in a key store.

With the different security measures and encryption keys in place, Microsoft OneDrive is easy to implement, efficient to use, and the answer to your cloud migration solutions. Ready to deploy your secure cloud platform? Book your OneDrive consultation with CIO Advise. 

Microsoft OneDrive Consultant

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