Microsoft Office 365

CIO Advise helps organizations across the country with the deployment, migration and ongoing support of their Microsoft 365 environments.

Enterprise Productivity Suite For Any Size Organization

  • Is your current suite of cloud productivity tools not flexible to meet your needs?
  • Are you wanting desktop applications instead of having to open a web browser?
  • Searching for intranet capabilities and feature-rich apps for better collaboration?

As your organization grows, your need for advanced cloud productivity tools does too. If you’re using the free or open-source suites, you’ve discovered the need to expand is limited. In many instances, no cloud options or searching for another add-on product to perform a specific task slows down your team’s productivity.

That’s where Microsoft Office 365 removes the need to hunt for third-party cloud solutions or apps. With its full range of feature-rich applications for high-quality collaboration, along with enterprise mobility and security, your productivity soars. For a comprehensive guide of what’s available for small businesses or enterprise organizations, schedule a consultation with our CIO Advise team.

Microsoft Office 365

In some ways, incumbents have a lot of benefits over new players, over start-ups. They have customers, they have great data, they often have a brand. They have financial resources, which a start-up may not have. The question is, can all of those capabilities and assets be deployed in a way that allows you to defend against new attackers as digital disrupts your industry?

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Microsoft 365 Support

We’ve moved from digital products and infrastructure to digital distribution and Web strategy to now into more holistic transformations that clearly are based on mobile, social media, digitization and the power of analytics and we think it’s really a new era requiring new strategies

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3 Vital Areas When Setting Up Your Business To Use Microsoft Office 365

As you plan to switch to Microsoft Office 365, there are areas of interest to know before starting. With its easy setup, clients we assist each discover, there are three main starting points with four sections inside each area of Office 365:

  • Essential Setup – Getting Started, Cloud Setup, Device Setup, and Mobile Apps
  • Productivity – Collaboration, Cloud Storage, Productivity Apps, Learn About Office
  • Management – Manage Services, Manage Devices, Security/Compliance, and Support

On the surface, it looks like there is much to learn before you get started. Doing it alone, it would be. Partnering with our administrative CIO Advise teams, the process is quick. Before you know it, you’ll be on-the-go opening and closing apps without leaving the platform.

To begin your move over to Microsoft Office 365, schedule an initial consultation with our CIO Advise team.

What Enterprise Organizations Should Know About Microsoft Office 365

You’ve been using Office 365 for a long time. It’s fully integrated into your organization, workflows, and every application gets used to its fullest. There is no area of this power suite you don’t know or understand. What you’re looking for is guidance.

For example: 

  • You’re looking for more teamwork and collaboration across your organization but discovered you need to move from your office servers to SharePoint Online. 
  • You have no device management but need to move over to Microsoft Intune for data protection for your organization and personal devices. 
  • You were recently informed you have no threat protection solution in place.

Keeping up with the constant updates, when support for an old Microsoft product ends or trying to find time to take Microsoft 365 training courses is not possible. You want administrative leadership to help you and your organization continue moving forward. CIO Advise is here to help and carry that load for you. Book your Microsoft Office 365 consultation with our team. 

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

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