Microsoft Sales Professional Consulting & Integrations

CIO Advise assists organizations who are deploying Microsoft Sales Professional solutions through expert consulting and migration support.

Challenges In Your Business Disappear When Using Microsoft Sales Professional Systems

  • Are you spending too much time doing manual updates?
  • Does gathering data records still take too long to collect?
  • Is customer services continually getting pushed to the side?

Running an organization in today’s global economy without a CRM solution in place cripples what could become robust business opportunities. You may not realize it; you perform many tasks this solution could quickly do for you. On the flip side, using a pre-packaged product not tailored to your specific business or customer needs does more harm than good.

With countless new versions showing up in the market, it becomes difficult to choose. However, only one system continues to outpace other brands, year after year, and that is Microsoft Sales Professional. Companies of all sizes use this powerful customer relationship management tool, and so can you. With an initial consultation from CIO Advise, we will help you take control.

CRM Software Support

CIO Advise was instrumental in helping our organization deploy and integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM across our organization. Their expertise with Microsoft 365 technologies was a huge plus and drastically reduced the amount of time to implement this solution.

Woodrow Thurmon

Schedule A Microsoft Sales Professional Consultation

We have tried numerous Microsoft Sales Professional consultants in the past.  After an intensive Google search, we settled on CIO Advice.  CIO Advise’s approach was extremely professional, they asked the right questions and took the time to understand our business objectives and goals for the software.  The team at CIO Advise also provided valuable insights into new ways to use some of our existing solutions and gain visibility in our customer’s behaviors.

Michael Miller

How a Microsoft Sales Professional System Helps Your Clients and Team Members Equally

A customer relationship management system focuses on automating and streamlining your customer service processes, marketing, sales, and field service. Having a Microsoft Sales Professional system in place is beneficial for both your clients and staff, and here’s how:

  • Clients – allows them the freedom to communicate with your organization through numerous channels, on any device. Your customers get access to the necessary information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. With these tools, they can set up services that work around their schedule.
  • Staff – they get up-to-date data and analytics in real-time. Your sales team can then quickly identify and prioritize potential opportunities. With this vital information about customers, their needs, and interests in your staff’s hands, the team can tailor the marketing message and sales offers.

If your clients and team members are not currently getting these exceptional benefits, they can when you take the first step. To discover what a Microsoft Sales Professional system can do for your organization, contact CIO Advise for an initial consultation.

What Questions Should You Ask When Searching For A CRM System?

It is essential to choose a system that is adaptable, extensible, secure, and scalable. In your organization, there are four key areas a CRM system needs to support: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Field Service.

Before you decide, there are three questions to ask yourself before selecting a CRM system:

  1. What Works?
  2. How Much Do You Have To Spend?
  3. What Do Your End Users Genuinely Want?

With CIO Advise as your administrative consultant, we recommend choosing a Microsoft Sales Professional system. It will finally end the manual updates, laborious task of collecting data records, and customer services will no longer get pushed to the side. To discover the endless possibilities, book a consultation with our team.

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