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CIO Advise provides support and consulting with Microsoft Business Central for organizations across the United States.

Microsoft Business Central Offers SMBs A Robust Work System Without Silos

  • Current ERP system struggling with rapid business growth?
  • Need seamless service that remains ahead of your progress?
  • An All-In-One business management solution in the cloud would be a lifesaver?

The time has come. Your small to midsize business management software system finally needs virtual assistance. Cloud computing has proven the modern business model no longer needs software locally hosted. With Microsoft Business Central, you get that and more with its all-in-one business management solutions.

With Business Central at your disposal, it’s like having the same capabilities as Microsoft Dynamic NAV but in a cloud-based environment. If you’re wondering what perks and benefits are available, we can show you. Microsoft Business Central, supported by CIO Advise, is the ultimate answer to your business growth needs.

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Microsoft Business Central Consulting

Our firm was in the middle of a Microsoft Business Central implementation and required expert guidance to work with other Microsoft solutions including CRM and Microsoft 365. CIO Advise came highly recommended by our investment firm to help with the implementation. CIO Advise stepped in and assist our team with the implementation, saving us a ton of headaches and challenges.

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Why Choose Microsoft Business Central Over Other ERP Systems?

Today, more than ever, more and more ERP systems of all shapes and sizes continue entering the market. Choosing the best option for your organization has gone from being simple to complicated. When you want a single, all-inclusive package that meets your business growth needs, you turn to CIO Advise and Microsoft Business Central for answers and solutions.

Here’s how the Microsoft Business Central package helps any size organization adapt:

Integrates With Your Existing Microsoft Products

Business Central integrates with many of the Microsoft Office products that you use today. A simple plugin in Outlook allows seamless access to your business information without logging in to Business Central. Send Purchase Orders, create new accounts, and track emails all from your Outlook client.

Customization Guidance

Business Central provides you with productivity tools allowing you to add unlimited dimensions to a ledger enabling advanced analysis. Furthermore, it is built on a single user-friendly platform that saves you time, money, and seamless upgrade options with no data loss.

Endless Flexibility

As a cloud ERP system, Business Central makes data more accessible. It gives your business control over how you store all information related to your business. Scalability is effortless with the small to midsize business in mind.

When CIO Advise partners with your organization, we remove your learning curve when using Microsoft Business Central.

How To Stay Connected In The Cloud With Microsoft Business Central

For your organization to stay connected requires an administrative partner that supports and deploys Microsoft Business Central for global clients. Their vast experience and knowledge guiding organizations and understanding their environments have led them to create profitable business strategies for their clients.

We can do that for you too! It begins by helping you plan and initiate a clear business transition strategy. When building and validating your business case, we are by your side. Our team will provide you the insight into budget, scope, and schedule. CIO Advise can help ensure you have full access to these vital tools and enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Business Central.

Microsoft Business Central Support