Microsoft Azure Custom Development

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Developing Web Apps With Azure Helps You Build, Deploy, and Scale Quickly

  • Are secure, enterprise-grade services not available for your database needs?
  • Does your security posture still lack visibility and intelligent threat detection?
  • Is connecting your organization with IoT an unreachable goal at this time?

You finally decided to start building applications for your organization in the cloud. You are considering possibly databases, websites, or mobile and desktop applications that integrate seamlessly with current technologies. Even though you plan to create numerous applications, you still need a reliable and robust cloud computing service, like Microsoft Azure.

Besides the many features, this service has a huge benefit. The heavy lifting is done for you, and your work gets completed quickly. Azure services are designed to operate together and build complete solutions that last the entire length of your application life-cycle. 

When you’re ready to discuss where to host your application, schedule a Microsoft Azure consultation with our CIO Advise team members.

Microsoft Azure Custom App Dev

Our firm needed an experienced professional to help us with Microsoft Azure and custom development.  CIO Advise came highly recommended and helped us throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Suzanne Albritton

Microsoft Azure Custom Application Development

Thanks, CIO Advise for all your assistance during our recent Microsoft Azure deployment.  Your expertise and guidance saved us hours of labor and we appreciate all the expertise you provided.

Bonnie Riley

What Are The Top 5 Microsoft Azure Need-To-Know Areas?

Quite often, when our CIO Advise team meets with decision-makers, the talk of creating robust applications comes up. Early on, we discovered most did not know some of the basics about the platform’s services. So, before you start the development phase, we highly recommend getting to know these five crucial areas of Azure’s service offerings right away.

  • What Can Azure Do For You?
  • Connecting Your Application With Data
  • Securing Your Applications
  • Adding Intelligence to Your Applications
  • Connecting Your Business to IoT

To help you get started and guide you each step of the way, the CIO Advise consulting team will partner with your organization to remove your learning curve and any guesswork. To begin the process, schedule your initial Microsoft Azure consultation. 

Before You Launch Your Application, Are You Ready For Production?

Similar to application development, there are seven post-processes you’ll want to establish before your application begins running. Though crucial, these areas will make running your application more robust and easier to update when using Microsoft Azure services.

The areas listed below will assist you as you begin the testing phase of your application.

  • Setting Up Continuous Delivery With GitHub
  • Setting Up Staging Events
  • Scaling The Web App
  • Using Diagnostic Logs
  • Setting Up Monitoring and Alerts
  • Adding Secure Socket Layers
  • Notifying Users About New Versions

As you uncover the necessary areas of Microsoft Azure services and make full use of the platform, you may discover it is more than you can do and need help and guidance. That’s where CIO Advise becomes your Azure leadership partner through each phase.

With our direction, you’ll finally get secure, enterprise-grade services, gain security posture visibility, intelligent threat-detection, and connecting your organization with IoT is within your reach. But, to get all that started, we need to meet, discuss your vision, and layout the step-by-step plans. To help you get your application off the ground, book an initial Microsoft Azure consultation.

Microsoft Azure Deployments

When our organization was looking for an environment to test a new custom software solution we turned to CIO Advise for advice on the right platform.  CIO Advise helped us deploy a Microsoft Azure environment which ended us saving a ton of time and money over the course of the project.

Brad Trottier

Microsoft Azure Application Deployment