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Need someone to help you get your technology from where you are to where you want to go? The CIO Advise IT Service Management solution can help.
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How Do You Get from Point “A” to Point “B” Efficiently? – Let Us manageIT that Transition.
You’d do it yourself.

But you just don’t have the time, and you don’t have that much interest in HOW technology works.

You just want it all to operate smoothly and be the foundation you need to reach your objectives.

We understand. – That’s why we offer project management resources and interim CIO staffing.

We’ll help you navigate the rough waters of business technology transition.

IT Service Management by CIO Advise

Where Does the CIO Advise’s manageIT Help?

In our alignIT process, we identify the IT issues that are in the way of your progress, advise on solutions, and build out an IT roadmap.

In the manageIT stage, our IT project management resources put that roadmap into action. Each element within the roadmap is addressed in sequence and in conjunction with your internal IT organization.

  • Setting up the IT organization for success
  • Internal IT Staffing Training and Repositioning
  • Hardware Upgrades/Replacement
  • Data Analytics, Reporting
  • Data Migrations
  • Software development
  • Integrations
  • Process Automation

Each “to do” item on the roadmap is scheduled and addressed in sequence.

Will My Internal IT Employees React Well to CIO Advise Involvement in the Business?

In the spirit of absolute transparency, there is always a little bit of apprehension when a CEO or CXO brings us in to manage a digital optimization process within a business. It’s natural. Sometimes a CIO is in place and fears for their job, and sometimes internal IT employees feel like they are being bypassed.

But those feelings don’t last long.


  • We’ve been doing this for a long time. – We know how to handle these situations with compassion and class.
  • We know what we are doing. – Your employees will recognize our expertise in our field.
  • We are clear about our role. – We are there to make your internal IT team look good and accomplish your goals for the project.

Will the manageIT Stage of the Process Be Disruptive to Our Internal Processes?

Think of it as growing pains with a big payoff for you at the end of the project.

Although we do everything in our power to do our work behind the scenes, there are parts of a digital transformation process that are awkward. While some or most of your technology will not change, those elements that do change will have to be removed and replaced in stages as we make every effort to avoid disruption.

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Fortunately for you, we’ve been managing these digital transformation processes in a wide range of industries for years. As a result, we’ve become specialists at migrating companies from ineffective technology to stable, secure, and productive IT platforms.


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