Who is in Charge of Information Security Within Your Company?

Although very important, information security is often overlooked. Read this blog to learn more about who's responsible for information security within a business.
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Who is in Charge of Information Security Within Your Company?

Although very important, information security is often overlooked. Read this blog to learn more about who’s responsible for information security within a business.  

While many companies are exposed to loads of vital information on a daily basis, this puts this information at risk. And given that hackers and cybercriminals are becoming smarter than ever before, a data breach involving your business is a serious concern. That being said, many companies have a whole team or one individual who is in charge of ensuring that information stays safe. However, some businesses don’t pay attention to the realm of information security. Whether they don’t have the right team in place or they don’t have certain strategies when it comes to data security, many companies put themselves at a higher risk of a data breach. So let’s now answer the question, who is in charge of information security within your company? Keep reading to find out.

Let’s first say that everyone in your company is responsible for information security. From your CEO all the way down to your interns, every single individual within your business is held responsible for making sure your information stays safe. However, some are more accountable than others in this regard.

Who’s Involved the Most?

Although everyone has a duty to protect the information within your company, many of the data protection processes are associated with one person or a group of individuals. But if you want to really consider who has the power to know about the security risks in your company, it probably involves your ‘lower-level’ employees. These team members are a vital piece to your workforce and many of them see what happens with the day-to-day functions surrounding your business information. These employees are the ones who notice key issues like weak passwords, folders that are easily accessible, lack of encryption, and much more. But although these employees might notice these risks on a day-to-day basis, if the executive team doesn’t require that employees mention these concerns, or if it’s evident that the business doesn’t focus on information security, these ‘lower level’ employees probably won’t say a word. It’s not that they don’t care, but if the ‘upper level’ team doesn’t make it a focal point to voice these problems, then the issues surrounding information security may seem less relevant than they really are.

Company-Wide Training Needs to Happen

So what’s the best solution for this? How can everyone at your company be more aware of information security issues and take action when issues arise? It starts with proper training. Even if it’s basic training, all team members should be educated on what information security issues could happen. Furthermore, there needs to be a reporting process in place for when these issues arise. Employees must understand the importance of the matter and be sure to report any vulnerabilities as they are noticed. Additionally, these trainings must be implemented company-wide. Even if one area of your business deals with information more than another, it’s vital that everyone is on the same page and that there is a consistent documentation process in place for reporting issues surrounding information security.

Stress the Importance

Another key component is to constantly stress the importance of information security. As millions of businesses have records of thousands of credit card numbers, addresses, and social security numbers, a good cyber hacker can have their way with a company that has poor information security measures. And if your company is involved with a data breach involving confidential information, your company could be done for good. That being, constantly stressing the importance of information security should be a top priority for executive teams across the globe.

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