GDPR Technology Assessments

CIO Advise provides GDPR technology assessments for organizations across the United States.

Are You Positive Your GDPR Technology Will Pass Aggressive Scrutiny When Assessed?

It’s one thing to say you are GDPR compliant, but when faced with an audit under the strictest global privacy and security law, even top-rated CIOs cross their fingers. From data protection, accountability, data security, consent–how do you sort all this out?

Do you and your team:

  • Conduct information audits to uncover what is processed and who has the data?
  • Have a legal and justified reason for your data processing activities?
  • Take GDPR compliance protection into account every step of the way?
  • Appoint a Data Protection Officer to guarantee compliance across your organization?

CIO Advise understands there are many compliance levels you face and is here to help you sort through all the requirements. Our team enables you to decode and break down your organizational steps to remain compliant and avoid potential fines.

Take the initial step and schedule a no-obligation assessment of your GDPR technology needs.

GDPR Assessment

CIO Advise helped our organization complete all our prep work for GDPR.  Thanks to the team at CIO Advise for all their hard work helping us navigate the murky waters of GDPR compliance.

David Riat

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With the help of CIO Advise, our organization was well-positioned to comply with all GDPR requirements which allowed for our expansion into Europe and beyond.

Melissa Watene

The 4 Main Areas of GDPR Technology Compliance

When your organization begins processing personal information from EU residents and citizens, you must follow strict guidelines mandated by the European Union. Failure to comply with GDPR will result in stiff fines and two tiers of penalties. To avoid any monetary damages this would bring to your organization, CIO Advise wants you to know what needs to be in place.

  1. Law Basis and Transparency – Conduct an information audit, have legal justification and provide clear information in your privacy policy.
  2. Data Security – Always take data protection seriously, encrypt personal data, create an internal security policy, conduct an impact assessment, and notify authorities when data gets breached.
  3. Accountability and Governance – Appoint a GDPR compliance person, have a signed data processing agreement if using a third-party data processing vendor, set up an EU representative.
  4. Privacy Rights – Make it easy for customers to obtain, correct, or update their information, delete files upon customer request, have a procedure to protect their rights.

When CIO Advise initiates a thorough GDPR technology assessment, it’s the first step to ensure you remain compliant to avoid steep fines. Are you ready to move forward? Schedule a no-obligation GDPR technology consultation.

Want To Pass Every GDPR Technology Audit?

GDPR compliance, not taken seriously, can do untold damage to a relatively successful enterprise. Discover how to easily remain compliant when processing and managing an EU resident or citizen’s personal information.

When your customers or clients realize how easy you’ve made it for them to request and receive their confidential data, you’ve torn down a barrier. Permitting them full access to correct or update their information or asking you to delete their file builds a safe-haven for them.

That is where CIO Advise can guide you when your organization has a global outreach and needs to stay GDPR compliant. What’s stopping you from contacting us? Schedule a no-obligation GDPR technology consultation.

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