Fractional CIO Provides Superior Technology Solutions

Discover what a fractional CIO is and how the position can help solve pressing technology challenges and position your business for digital transformation
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Part-Time C-Suite Expert Helps Close Technology Debt, Save Money

Discover what a fractional CIO is and how the position can help solve pressing technology challenges and position your business for digital transformation.

IT jobs are in high demand, meaning the rates of turnover and costs are skyrocketing. For small- and medium-sized businesses, this creates major challenges.

Fortunately, the use of a new staffing model can solve the problems. A fractional chief information officer (CIO) can provide you with first-rate insights, product and market knowledge, and strategic direction to give your business the best position to compete today and in the future.

What Is a Fractional CIO?

A fractional CIO is a senior executive who provides expertise and knowledge to your business for a few hours each week. The fractional CIO usually offers this expertise to several companies at the same time, but at a fraction of the cost of salary and benefits that would be paid to a full-time CIO.

The fractional CIO brings their knowledge to bear on technology needs, from data security to cloud optimization to business software to budgeting and strategy. By leveraging their wisdom and insights, your business gains leading-edge knowledge.

How Do Fractional CIOs Provide Strategy?

An experienced technology executive delivers the needed insights that help minimize technological risk. Technology is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before. The Internet of Things, cloud computing, automation, artificial technology, 3D printing, adaptive learning and virtual tools are changing the way business is done in nearly every industry. A fractional CIO helps your business understand … and anticipate … the impact of disruptive technologies on business models, business processes and the way work is done.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Fractional CIO Who Is External to the Organization?

Every business leader knows of an example when the same insights delivered from an external source are “heard” more than when they come from an internal employee. While it’s a frustrating phenomenon, it’s a reality. That’s where a fractional CIO delivers real benefits.

A fractional CIO can be an ideal change agent, asking questions, making observations and delivering recommendations in a different way. You should expect your fractional CIO to learn your business and industry quickly and leverage that new, fresh perspective to help facilitate the changes you need to make.

A fractional CIO helps to identify and close the technology gap that your business faces. IT is often under undue pressure to cut costs, as systems and support are too often seen as cost centers that can be reduced. The reality today is that information is a commodity that needs to be leveraged, packaged and considered as a possible revenue opportunity. Your fractional CIO can help frame the conversations and ask the big questions that can drive digital transformation, no matter what size your business is.

What are the Cost Benefits of Hiring a Fractional CIO?

A fractional CIO reduces not only your salary and benefit expenses, but also gives your business financial flexibility to spend in other areas. You can use the fractional CIO to focus on urgent challenges that are costly to your business, such as inefficient business processes. The fractional CIO can also provide a clear assessment of your entire technology stack and make recommendations for new solutions that save time and money.

A fractional CIO can revolutionize the way businesses approach technology. A proven IT consulting firm can deliver the fractional CIO expertise you need and the technology solutions that deliver results.


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