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Leveraging a fractional CIO is increasingly the choice for smaller businesses, as you get the benefit of exceptional IT insight and leadership without the long-term overhead.
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Leveraging a fractional CIO is increasingly the choice for smaller businesses, as you get the benefit of exceptional IT insight and leadership without the long-term overhead.  

Your internal IT challenges can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t have someone in that top slot of CIO to help manage through change, drive digital transformation and envision the organizational needs for the future. Simply staying abreast of the changes in the technical marketplace is difficult, much less navigating the impact of everything from cybersecurity to staying ahead of the exceptional customer experience your competitors are providing. This type of technical leadership is often assumed by IT managers or directors with active support from other senior leaders of the organization, but this fractured focus can lead to slower project implementation, poor vendor relationships, cost overruns and more. See how engaging a fractional CIO can help bridge the vast gap and provide IT leadership for your organization without the heavy overhead of hiring a top IT professional full-time.

Current State Assessment

Any new technology leader should first complete a full assessment of the current state of your business and how your technology helps you be competitive in the current market. Are you still utilizing some older technologies because you haven’t had time for an upgrade? Perhaps the productivity of your business staff is suffering due to slower technology or connections that need to be fine-tuned. Uncovering these difficulties and ranking them in terms of organizational impact is often the first step needed to help improve the overall infrastructure of your organization and set you up for success in the future.

System Architecture and Design

Growing any business doesn’t come without an amount of pain, but that can be minimized when you’re making a smart shift. At some point, simply adding more servers instead of reviewing your overall infrastructure doesn’t provide the value that you need — and can cause more problems than it solves. Many organizations find that a move to the cloud may be the step that they need to allow for more fluid growth, greater flexibility in their working environment and a better experience for their users and customers. This shift doesn’t come without a level of complexity, however, and navigating through that change both organizationally and technically requires strong leadership at the executive level. Fractional CIO services from CIO Advise can provide a great deal of value to businesses that are struggling through the deep waters of change, reducing the possibility of a costly mistake at various stages of your journey.

Comprehensive Security You Can Trust

Cybersecurity is one of the key considerations for organizations today, and perhaps one of the least understood. While most businesses employ a firewall, email filtering and web scanning technologies, active monitoring and backup/disaster recovery solutions are just as important and sometimes overlooked. Creating a comprehensive net that protects your entire organization and data structures is one of the ways that we can help your organization recognize its full potential and reduce the overall risk associated with your cybersecurity posture.

At CIO Advise, we understand that not every organization can afford to have a full-time CIO on staff. Most businesses can still benefit from that executive-level insight on the technology front, which is why we have created a range of fractional CIO services to help meet your needs from our CEO advisory services to digital transformation and IT project managementContact CIO Advise today at 888-563-9132 to learn more about how we can provide leadership and education for your team to enhance your cybersecurity posture, leverage cloud for business growth and more.


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