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Has Your ERP or CRM Project Stalled?

Turn it Over to CIO Advise and Get it Back on Track.

Have you been struggling to find and integrate the modules of your ERP?

Has your internal IT organization been floundering with the writing of your new CRM?

Not to worry. — We can help.

Whether you’re just in the CRM/ERP idea stage or whether you’re already five miles down the road with a stalled design and implementation project on your hands, our executive IT professionals have the expertise and experience to get things moving.

  • We will take a high-level look at your current strategy.
  • We’ll survey your organization to ensure the current approach is the right fit.
  • We’ll provide training and methodology
  • We’ll reorganize the ERP/CRM project for success.
  • We’ll involve and lead your internal IT organization throughout the process.
  • We will get you the feature set that you need.
  • We’ll bring the project in on time and within the agreed upon budget.

Does CIO Advise Do Custom CRM and ERP Work?

Yes. CIO Advise IT professionals are not fans of pre-packaged IT solutions. Why? Because they rarely fit the current and near-future needs of our clients. We work diligently to ensure that you have the custom or customized CRM or ERP system that your workflow and pro-growth plans require.

How Does Your CRM and ERP Design and Implementation Affect the Work of Our Internal IT Organization?

We know that you have a business to run, and we assume that your internal IT employees are already very busy supporting your internal processes.

We promise that we won’t sacrifice the productivity and profit of today in working for a better tomorrow for your enterprise.

At the very beginning stages of our project assessment, we will determine the internal IT personnel assets that will be required to accomplish the CRM/ERP implementation or customization. We will bring these time and personnel requirements to your attention at the very beginning of the engagement and will stay within those parameters throughout the engagement.



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