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Ensure That Your Technology and Applications Meet Your Business Requirements.

After we have moved through the process steps of alignIT, manageIT, and secureIT, it’s time to deal with places in your IT environment that need development to work well.

In this stage, we at all applications and determines where the gaps are, assess what development must be done to address those gaps, and follow through with the required developments.

How Does CIO Advise Ensure that Your Enterprise Has Applications That Form a Comprehensive Foundation for Your Internal Processes?

  • Custom Application Development
  • Creating Web Applications
  • Creating Mobile Applications
  • CRM Implementations (Dynamics/Salesforce, etc.)
  • ERP Implementations (Dynamics / Sage, etc.)
  • HRIS Implementations

Custom Application Development

There are times when an enterprise workflow needs an application that isn’t readily available “off the shelf.” In this case, the CIO Advise team works with our client to determine the exact specifications and features needed in the application and then moves those specifics into the application development phase. Once the application development process has completed, the application is integrated into the client’s IT environment and thoroughly tested. These steps ensure that a CIO Advise client gets the flexible, reliable, and scalable application they need for today’s workflow and tomorrow’s growth objectives.

CRM and ERP Implementations

You already know that CRM and ERP systems are as unique and customizable as the company that is utilizing the software. Most are modular in their framework. For some enterprise applications, the modules work “out of the box”. Other companies need customized modules or custom elements to be developed for their specific workflow requirements. CIO Advise works with internal IT organizations to identify these gaps and to develop the necessary CRM or ERP systems components.

Web and Mobile Application Development

There are many reasons that an enterprise may want to leverage the power of web or mobile applications.

  • Mobile Workflow
  • Business Continuity
  • Scalability
  • Distributed Workforce
  • Speed of Implementation
  • Simple Updates

HRIS Implementation

An HRIS implementation can bring significant advantages to a corporation. By combining IT, data, analytics, and HR, an HRIS implementation will:

  • Improve the Productivity of the HR Department
  • Lower the Rate of Compliance Errors
  • Provide Analysis for Better Decision Making


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