Cybersecurity Assessments

CIO Advise provides cybersecurity assessments for organizations across the United States. 

On a Scale From 1-10 Will Your Organization Score 11 After Our Cyber Security Technology Assessment?

From Enterprise organizations to small mom and pop businesses, we are all fully connected to the internet. From emails, POS systems, connected appliances to the devices we hold in our hands…does that mean we are equally vulnerable to getting hacked?

Are you and your team:

  • Quickly alerted when an attempted breach is in progress?
  • Know the precise locations of internal and external vulnerabilities?
  • Able to detect and spot a cyber-attack or malicious cyber threat in real-time?
  • Actively engaged in assessing and reducing your cybersecurity risks?

CIO Advise has guided many enterprises back to a high level of protection and can direct you away from unwanted cyber intrusions too. Our trained specialists will consult with you and expose your infrastructure’s weaknesses. Ready to uncover hidden vulnerabilities and create a plan the protects your organization? Schedule a no-obligation cybersecurity technology assessment.

Cyber Security Assessments

The world of cybersecurity continues to evolve. With the help of the CIO Advise team, our firm has complete confidence that our client and company information is protected from bad actors.  CIO Advise continues to advise our technical leadership on how to fortify our defenses from cyber threats.

Arlin Thorsell

Cybersecurity Consultation

With the help of CIO Advise, we have complete confidence in our cybersecurity defenses. We appreciate the constant attention to our security systems and recommendations to keep our corporate data secured.

Erin James

The 7 Areas of Cyber Security Technology Assessments

When battling an unseen cyber-criminal, your organization has areas of weaknesses that are overlooked or never considered an exposure point. A cybersecurity technology assessment can pinpoint and reveal those hidden vulnerable spots quickly. To give you some idea of what the CIO Advise team examines and assesses, we’ve listed the critical areas.

  • Vulnerability and Penetration – Internal and external vulnerability, wireless penetration, physical security assessment, IOT discovery and vulnerability, web application scan
  • Phishing – Simulated phishing expeditions using social engineering, security awareness training
  • Configurations Assessment – Firewall, mobile device management, wireless, VPN, endpoint protection configuration
  • Infrastructure Security Assessment – Servers, networks, network topology
  • IT Infrastructure Resiliency – Disaster recovery plan, backup and recovery strategy, business continuity plan
  • Assessment of Service Provider Third Party Attestation Reports – SOC, HIPAA, NIST, ISO, HITRUST
  • IT General Controls – Programs, data, change management, computer operations

When CIO Advise initiates a thorough cybersecurity technology assessment, it’s to get to the core of your infrastructure’s exposure and unseen defenseless areas. To do that for you, go ahead and schedule a no-obligation cybersecurity technology consultation with our team.

Ready To Boost Your Assessment Score Higher?

Cybersecurity threats are imminent dangers to organizations of any size face. No one can avoid being a cyber target. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your exposure significantly.

If your organization was the victim of a breach, you understand the negative impact on you, your personnel, and, more importantly, your customers and clients. For those who recovered quickly, there will always be a sense of this could happen again? But that doesn’t need to be your story, too.

That is where CIO Advise can step in, long before your organization becomes a target. To get the process started begins with our cybersecurity technology assessment. Are you ready to stop bad actors from getting into your system? Schedule a no-obligation cybersecurity technology consultation.

Cybersecurity Technical Assessment