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Do you have the executive-level cyber security consulting required to keep business safe from cyber threats, data breaches and more?
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There are a lot of companies out there selling cybersecurity products.

Some of the products are great, but the teams implementing and managing them leave something to be desired.

Other teams are full of smart IT people but don’t have the IT vendor partnerships needed to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity framework.

Cyber Security Consulting From CIO Advise is different.

Secure Your Enterprise Using State of the Art Tools, Processes and Services.

We work with the internal IT organization of corporations to ensure that they have the information, protocols, and direction they need to provide always-on IT security that protects workflow and data.

Are You the CEO or CXO of One of These Businesses?

Our executive IT consultants provide high-level cybersecurity advice for internal IT departments. We work specifically with the following:

  • Private Equity Companies
  • Rapidly Growing Companies
  • Companies Changing their Executive IT Staff

The internal dynamics and technical challenges of these companies make it difficult if not impossible for the traditional IT support company to provide adequate solutions.


Because companies in these situations are in a state of change that requires cybersecurity expertise above and beyond the set-it-and-forget-it models.

How Can Our Cyber Security Consulting Specialists Help?

  • Tools – We bring expertise to the table that allows us to provide vetted cybersecurity options to your company.
  • Unbiased Solution Advice – Although we have an outstanding working relationship with the IT security vendors, we aren’t tied to any one of them. As a result, we can provide advice that isn’t tainted, and you can have the IT solutions that best fit your needs.
  • Processes – Because we’ve been doing this for a long time, we’ve developed step-by-step processes that will enable us to understand your current IT security needs and make the necessary changes to equipment and protocols while engaging with your internal IT organization on best practices.
  • Services – Many times, the internal IT organization of a corporation can do day-to-day security tasks with ease. When this is the case, our role is to be their go-to contact for those things that they cannot handle. Here are a few of the higher-level IT services that we deliver to supplement the efforts of your IT team.
    • CyberSecurity Assessments
    • Virtual CISO
    • Penetration Testing
    • CyberSecurity Tools Selection
    • Regulatory Compliance Management
    • Secure Mobility Management

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