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Why is Cloud Computing Being Embraced Across a Wide Variety of Industries? – And Can it Help You?

If you’ve been reading about the cloud online at all, you’ve already heard the sales pitch.

The cloud can provide an avenue to allow you to improve your cybersecurity posture, your business continuity strategy, your mobile workflow plans, and your overall productivity.

With all these things going for the cloud, it makes you wonder…

Why Do Some Businesses Still Hesitate to Utilize Cloud Technologies in Their IT Strategy?

  • Fear of Insecurity – Will my data be safe?
  • Fear of Lost Performance – Will it be slower than what I currently have?
  • Fear of Extended Downtime – What uptime guarantees do I have?
  • Fear of Provider Price Hikes or Policy Changes – Am I stuck with the provider I choose forever?
  • Fear of Losing Control – Who has access to my data? What are they doing with it?
  • Fear of Change – We’ve always housed everything onsite.
  • Fear of Inaccessibility – What if something happens and I can’t access my data?

What is the Answer to Fears About Moving Data and Workflow into the Cloud?

Do some of the concerns mentioned above resonate with you?

That’s okay!

We felt the same way until we discovered that there are reasonable answers to each of these fears and proven ways to mitigate the risk of doing business in the cloud.

Every day, we help business owners migrate data and internal processes to the cloud and use their cloud assets to build a healthier company and increase their bottom line.

What Can Cloud Technologies Do for Your Business?

  • Access more options.
  • Leverage more access to customers.
  • Virtual resources save money.
  • Virtual resources can be scaled and can be more powerful.
  • Cost moves from capital expense to operational expense.
  • Harness efficiencies of scale.
  • Implementation of software is faster.
  • Maintenance is more efficient.
  • Configuration and rule changes are made much simpler.
  • Working environments are more flexible.


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