What Value Does A CIO Advisory Team Offer?

How do you know if your technology solutions are the right ones to drive business growth? How do you stay ahead of new technologies and innovations that could help?
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How do you know if your technology solutions are the right ones to drive business growth? How do you stay ahead of new technologies and innovations that could help?

CIO advisory team is the right choice when you need someone you trust to align your business strategy, goals and vision with technology that makes a difference. With the proper counsel, insights and industry expertise, you can chart a path forward, creating a technology roadmap that helps in defining priorities and setting budgets.

Small- and medium-sized businesses often do not have an internal chief information officer or their CIO is tasked with too many projects, too many technologies and too little staff. That’s when a CIO advisory team makes sense.

How Does a CIO Advisory Team Work?

CIO advisory team provides counsel and leadership to CEOs, CIOs and other C-suite executives. Team members begin by understanding a company’s existing technologies and how they are used; business priorities and goals; and challenges to processes, efficiencies and outcomes.

What Services Does a CIO Advisory Team Provide?

Based on the identified needs, a CIO advisory team can take on several functions, including:

  • Technology assessments. A thorough evaluation of systems, solutions, applications and uses yields recommendations about what improvements should be made.
  • Technology strategic planning. A determination of short- and long-term technology needs can inform and support broader planning processes and address inefficiency, productivity, competitive threats and opportunities.
  • IT executive mentoring. For new CIOs, mentoring from seasoned professionals helps your technology leaders make better decisions that have a positive impact on the business.
  • Project rescue. IT projects can go off the rails quickly. When a project needs to be rescued, your CIO advisors can step in and get the work back on track.
  • Digital transformation. Plotting a technology course that propels your business forward takes a deep understanding of new technologies, including the Internet of Things, data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Your CIO advisors have the knowledge and experience to map that course.
  • M&A Technology Assessments. If you are engaged in a merger or acquisition, you need a complete, unbiased understanding of the entity’s technology solutions.

Should My Company Bring In a CIO Advisory Team?

Here are some of the most typical situations where working with CIO advisory team makes the most sense:

  • The internal IT team does not have leadership
  • Internal processes are heavily reliant on technology
  • A business lacks an IT strategist or IT strategy
  • A company needs to communicate technology to executives, investors or board members without it being too techy
  • The bottom line is technology-dependent
  • The technologies in place are outdated or overly customized or cannot be integrated
  • A business cannot collect, store, analyze and leverage data effectively

When you need a CIO advisory team that brings IT experience, expertise, counsel and confidence to your business, contact CIO Advise. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation initial consultation.


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