Top Companies Need a Change Management Strategy

Building strong leadership in small business takes regular examination and changes that result in improvements that align with company policy...
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Change Management Strategy

Building strong leadership in small business takes regular examination and changes that result in improvements that align with company policy… 

Change can be difficult in an organization because there is often a natural resistance to it. From the top-down, adjusting the organization can be hard when people don’t want to change their communication or practices. This makes it even more crucial to have in place policies for any action that impacts your employees. From software changes to policy shifts, making a change in leadership or approach can be a difficult path for any company.

Every business has to be ready to adapt or face going stagnant. Changes that have to take place can be slowly implemented or implemented with support. If you need to make real changes in your company, consider how you can best approach your staff:

Represent Those Involved

In change management situations, representation is especially important. Do you have solid representations of your employees within your leadership team? Are you able to incorporate leaders from all divisions of your impacted staff? Your change management strategy should be put into place well before you select your particular solution. It is easy to choose leaders that think like you. It is easy to throw in token leaders to “represent” the staff perspective.

But, choose your change leadership team with care. Pick people who accurately represent the people who are going to be implementing these changes and those that understand what is going to be impacted. Hear first-hand how this may impact them or change their jobs (for better or worse). Only by truly hearing their perspective will you know if the move is right for your company.

Help Your Team Own It

Your whole company should back any major management changes or you will have a lot of unnecessary struggle. Start by choosing representatives that cover your staff’s major points of interest. Help your team own it by collectively building a cohesive list of wants they can own when it comes to a new strategy. Select staff that can hold and build the peace, not just ones that will work well for your interests. You need your team to own the change too. Of course, you will want to select a majority of professionals who are directly impacted by the change or have expertise in the area being discussed.

Get a Working Perspective

If you are changing software or systems, make sure you are getting a ground-level opinion. The people who are going to be working the new systems need to approve of them just as much as other key stakeholders. Don’t forget how important your people on the ground are. You need to have their approval or major changes will be very difficult.

Get people into the change leadership committee who have been on that ground floor and know the current procedures. You want to hear from your experienced professionals that this change is going to work. Theorizing about the change isn’t going to be as effective as getting the perspective of someone on the ground level every day. This is an important point to focus on, because sometimes business leaders and owners want to focus on upper-management when they are looking at major changes.

Make New Decisions Bonding Points

When your team is on the same page, they will bond over their decision. Let your team really get to know one another and then trust them to make the right choices. If you get a majority led decision, you will ensure a decision backed by a good amount of your staff. You need your team members to own any new moves a lot more than senior management.

You can build a better team by getting them to participate and own the company as a whole. The more involvement and investment your employees have in the company, the more they will do for the good of the company. You need employees who take the company’s interest seriously and not just their own. Find out who these company-centered employees are and make sure you are getting their perspective.

Analyzing your company’s actions and adjusting is important for positive growth. Make changes that are going to last and work for the benefit of your company. With the right change leadership strategy in place, you know your changes will be in the best interest of the company. Adjust in ways that are good for the majority of your employees and customers.


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