Why You Need a Strategic IT Leader Who Speaks the Language of Business

Is your business missing a strategic voice in your organization — an IT leader who speaks the language of business? There are big benefits to bringing these skillsets together.  

Today’s organizations need leaders to stretch their knowledge and grow their skills in new and exciting ways, but what if you don’t have access to the type of leadership that your organization needs to be successful? While IT leaders have always needed a core of business knowledge, the blending required to support today’s businesses is a bit more severe. Digital leaders have historically been able to work a bit behind the scenes, implementing solutions that are often suggested or vetted through the marketing or business side of the organization. There is a fundamental shift happening in the way technology fits within an organization, and part of that change involves having IT leaders be more of an out-front strategist to help shift tech-centric organizations into the future.

“Digital Transformation is Not About Technology”

At least not according to the professionals at Harvard Business Review. While digital transformation is one of the top risks cited by CEOs and other business leaders, the majority of these initiatives are unable to reach their goals. Why is this happening? The experts note that part of the reason might be because technology gurus may not fully grasp the impact on the business of the change they wish to initiate. When the business side balks at the rapid pace of updates, IT leaders are left wondering what happened — and what they could have done differently. Having a proactive change management professional on board throughout the process may help technology leads create a more open and trusting environment between departments that will help bring projects to fruition.

Bringing Together Technical Knowledge and Business Savvy

The complete onus isn’t on technical staff to ensure the business side knows what’s going on — business professionals should also be able to articulate the value of the change that IT leaders are proposing. It’s unusual for small to mid-size businesses to have staff members who are fully versed in both the business impact and the technical details of a project, making it beneficial to bring external support on board at an executive level. These strategic CIO-level leaders have been a part of multiple projects for various organizations, allowing them to see what works and what doesn’t. With the extremely high failure rate of expensive IT projects, an upfront investment in this type of strategic insight may be well worth the time and effort for many businesses.

Effective Change Management Plus Clear Goals Equals Success

Creating a change in any organization starts with a full understanding of the unique challenges and a clear vision of a successful outcome. Having the ability to communicate this information proactively to the various stakeholders in the project and defining a results-focused mindset within the organization are required factors for success in any large technology project. Dedicated project management professionals who are strategic in nature helps bind business and technology goals together and communicate them effectively to teams and individuals who are being impacted by the change. Your IT leaders should not only be able to enumerate the benefits of the technical solution, but also the direct impact on the jobs of individuals throughout the business.

Finding individuals who have deep technical knowledge and a solid understanding of business needs can be challenging, especially for smaller businesses. When you’re not able to work with a senior IT leader on a regular basis, you might find that decisions don’t always support the needs of the organization. See how the professionals at CIO Advise can provide you the crossover, strategic skillset and voice that you need to meld technology and business in a way that benefits your business. Contact us today at 833-CIO-ADVS to learn more about our offerings.