Driving Stronger Endpoint Security with Real-Time Asset Intelligence

Boost speed, security and trust when you leverage each IT asset’s intelligence to create a more sophisticated and self-healing endpoint strategy.  

After all the work that you have performed to protect your network and data storage, it’s depressing to think that a lowly smart TV or other IoT device connected to your network could be the downfall of your entire technology infrastructure. Organizations are seeing a proliferation of endpoints, with the numbers often growing so rapidly that it’s difficult for IT professionals to maintain control of these devices. In the recent 2019 Endpoint Security Trends Report, data was gathered across North America and Europe and included anonymized information from over 12,000 organizations and 6 million devices. Some of the key insights detailed in the report show that even with this dramatic rise in endpoint security spending, companies are not necessarily achieving greater security. The endpoint complexity is driving ongoing problems, with over 42% of endpoints experiencing encryption failures. When you can track, trace and find devices in real-time utilizing the intelligence already built into the various endpoints, you’ll be much closer to compliance and true endpoint security.

Protecting Immature Endpoints

Have you fully grown and hardened your endpoint security? If not, the lack of maturity in your security model could be a significant risk factor for your organization. Cybercriminals are finding that endpoints are the ideal solution for tunneling into your network infrastructure, as an endpoint is perceived to have weaker security measures. This is driving a resurgence in spending around endpoint security, with a new report showing that nearly 24% of all IT security spending in 2020 will be put towards endpoint security tools.

Real-Time Visibility and Control of Endpoints

Just as with firewalls and other cybersecurity constructs, having too many overlapping endpoint security agents can cause them to collide and decay the overall security of the endpoint — and ultimately, the network. Putting together a contextually rich and real-time flow of data to and from your endpoints allows technicians to quickly identify when and where problems might occur, allowing for quick remediation or the ability to disable problematic devices remotely. With asset intelligence, IT professionals can centralize their network monitoring by creating persistent connections to each vulnerable endpoint. This deep level of information provides a platform to deploy endpoints that can self-diagnose and self-heal in the event of a breach or unexpected activity.

It can be challenging to see a path forward towards a more secure future when you stuck in the day-to-day considerations of a busy technology team. The professionals at CIO Advise excel at looking across the organization and through the competitive landscape to help identify opportunities to enhance security and deployment speed while reducing IT downtime. Contact CIO Advise at 833-CIO-ADVS to schedule a free initial consultation to see how we work with corporations of all sizes to streamline workflows, increasing productivity and profitability.