Hiring a Fractional CIO: A Look at the Advantages

Having a fractional CIO on your side can change your business for the better. Check out this post from CIO Advise to see the true fractional CIO advantages.  

Business owners tend to take on all kinds of roles within their business. From action as the CEO and CFO and everything in between, there can be little time left to something highly important: information technology. Hiring a fractional CIO service to give you the IT support when you need it and where you need it can prove to be one of the best decisions a business owner ever makes. Here is a look at some of the biggest advantages of hiring a fractional CIO.

Obtain a liaison between business and technology.

It is not always easy to understand all the technical speak that comes along with modern technology. Likewise, it can be difficult to communicate things about your business when you are consulting with someone on a technology team. For instance, if you are researching cloud storage options and talk to someone from a cloud service, it can feel a bit like the two of you are speaking different languages altogether.

Fractional CIOs are familiar with both sides of the fence; they can communicate high-tech ideas in layman’s terms so you can understand, and they can translate your business goals to someone on the tech side of things.

Align both technology and business strategies.

Business strategies should fall in-step with the technology you are using. If the two things do not line up, it can lead to deficits and challenges that do not have to be there to worry about. With the help of a fractional CIO, you can rest assured every aspect of technology used in your business is directly complementary to your business’s goals and strategies.

Gain a watchful eye over the newest technological advancements for your business.

Change is not always easy when it comes to technological implements when an operation is already overwhelmed with other tasks; therefore, it is common for any attention to anything new to fall by the wayside. A missed technology could be a missed opportunity for your organization, so having a professional with a watchful eye on the newest technologies can be incredibly beneficial.

For instance, if new software is developed to thwart the latest data threats in business, the CIO will most likely recommend you consider it if your business is at risk. A single data breach can cost upwards of $3.92 million, according to IBM, so missing out on the latest protection could be the demise of your business.

Obtain IT attention you need cost-effectively.

About 27 percent of small businesses have no IT support at all, and the bottom line is usually cost event though IT support is important. Not every business needs full-time IT assistance, and it would illogical to pay the costs associated with having one all the time. If you are working with a third-party fractional CIO, you get the attention you need for technological needs as they come to the surface, which makes it a far more cost-effective option, especially smaller business owners.

Find out more about fractional CIO advantages for your business.

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